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Here are some high-level canvasing options for new students...

We are working our hardest and doing our best to present all of the relevant material in the correct manner for it to be learned optimally. It has been our experience that new students like to express their assessment on how these unprecedented classes on enlightenment are taught without knowing how to do it themselves. The look-n-feel of our approach is essential and comes from my Spirits as does all of the theory. I feel no awkwardness telling you this, it is simply how the theory got to this point. The tone of our approach is also essential, which will become clearer to you the more you learn.

You may have some kind of initial assessment of what we are doing but perhaps you should canvas a bit more to find the more relevant points of:

  • The truth of what we are presenting.
  • The power of that truth in regards to personal and global implications.
  • The degree of knowledge held by, and capable of being transmitted by, the core members. You are in high heroic company.
  • The amount of information we have put out for the public to learn from.
  • The fact that this is being done for free because of how strongly we believe in the truth of the data our research is showing us, as well as the how strongly we believe that the right things are done with this game-changing knowledge.
  • The fact that this endeavor by the sheer nature of its size and scope is going to take years to bring out, which is fairly standard for theories that are of this size and importance (Theory of Relativity, Theory of Natural Selection, etc). We are only on our initial stages and are not fully public yet. You are enjoying the beta phase as we get the basic platform up.

As for how to deal with your interest that is combined with a sense of vagueness would be to work with the Hands-On and three High Level Canvassing options.

For Hands-On the first thing you need to do is have your Mojo Read. It is quick and easy. Just make a 5-10min video of yourself and load it to the forum for a public read or send us a link to an unlisted youtube video and we can do it that way if you wish. Either way, you want to have your Mojo read immediately. This will immediately start to challenge your understanding of yourself and the world, as well as dissipate a great deal of vagueness. Vagueness will definitely start to melt away once you learn your Mojo, learn to read it yourself, learn to see it in others. It will get realz and krystal-clear real fast.

High-Level Canvassing options: New students also find it helpful to use one or more high-level ways to understand the full scope of Pod'Lair while they work through it on a more immediate personal way by learning about Mojo Reading and their Mojo.

High-Level Canvassing option #1: Pod'Lair Theory Structure
Take a look at the video on the basic structure of Pod'Lair which is based on:
1 premise of 'Everything is Energy Evolving'
2 binary flow of all elements within Everything
4 languages of Understanding (memes, mojo, spirit forms, energy)
8 pathways (4 languages x 2 - Personal/Uninversal)
Each pathway has a few key disciplines. Example: Five Gears of Mojo Reading is one of the disciplines within the Mojo Dojo Pathway, which includes Pod Powers, Human Design, Peak Pathway, Social Alchemy....basically all the mathematical mojo stuff. The other Pathways have different focuses but they all relate.

High-Level Canvassing option #2: Pod'Lair Principles
Instead of a mandala style overview like the theory structure, you can also try to get your head around it by seeing all of the principles that are part of Pod'Lair that come from the observations of Natural Law that our research data is providing. This starts with learning about Mojo, but once you do that it leads to how humans are designed, which leads to how relationships get done, which leads to how your unconscious works, which leads to spirit forming, which leads to how you lead you life, which leads to how communities conduct themselves best, which leads to compare-n-contrast of how that way of life is done vs. other ways of life, which leads to a global responsibility to make people aware of these newly discovered best practices. That was a very fast overview but you can get more detail on the Pod'Lair Principles four-part series on Pod'Lair Planet.

High-Level Canvassing option #3: Pod'Lair Programming
The way the theory is structured at a conceptual level and the principles that come from it need to be applied to the real-world as Pod'Lair rolls out as a theory and brand. This is reflected in the YouTube channel network we have. You will see a strong correlation with the theory structure and the principles we believe in but the programming is based more on interacting with the world and explaining key elements they will be interested in and also developing different 'voices' to speak to the world in (ie. educational, pundit, motivational, artistic, etc). This method is effective if you want to understand the scope of Pod'Lair through its line-up of public programming.

Here is a quick tour of the channels we have and why:

    • Pod'Lair Planet: general Pod'Lair Theory
    • Mojo Reading Revealed: lessons on Mojo Reading
    • Empire of Enlightenment: how Pod'Lair compares and contrasts with other omni/major models of thought/belief
    • Mojo Journal: covering all the current events in the world using the new lens of Mojo Reading and the Virtual Village (our total collection of public reads, currently over 3,000 which has never been done before because it wasn't possible until now with Pod'Lair).
    • Hunting Heroic Humans: our outreach program where we deliver PSAs (public service announcements) where we let public netizens know what their Mojo is. This is also where we train people how to approach people out in real-life where they live and dialogue with them in the best way possible.
    • Greatest Game (coming soon): this will show how to do Bubble Building in your local community so you can create the proper people pool for you to enjoy the greatest degree of worldly understanding, empowerment and fulfillment.
    • Truth-Fire Dragon: this is my personal channel which explains my ways, including my eccentricities and how Pod'Lair come into being and how it continues to come into being. Short version: my Spirits give me WAY higher level info than academia of any kind can provide so I do my research and make Pod'Lair public on those terms with no qualms whatsoever. If this sounds crazy, fine, but know that I have the answers that are going to be proven correct and they are superior answers to the world's greatest questions than anyone else can currently provide using other resources. My Spirits currently trump facial recognition software and the greatest 'experts' on qualia and/or people reading. Therefore this is the standard that Pod'Lair will be going with.
    • Mojo Temples: These are dedicated to teaching about a specific Mojo. At this time we have all eight of the Interpretive Mojo Temples up and running. Includes separate channels for: Nai'xyy, Nai'zyy, Nyy'xai, Nyy'zai, Xai'nyy, Zai'nyy, Xyy'nai, Zyy'nai.

Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to ask on the Forum, and one of our students will do their best to answer. Good luck!

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