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Is it possible to hide your Mojo? How do you know the people you read are not faking ther Cues?

No; It is literally impossible to not act like yourself. You cannot hide one side of yourself without exposing another side of yourself, you are who you are and there is just no getting passed that.

You are like an instrument that is always resonant with your own energy, so as long as you are still breathing, you will still send out the signals of your Mojo with everything you do. To put this in perspective, you can try to play a musical instrument a certain way to try and make it mimic the sounds of other musical instruments, but it will still be and will still sound like the instrument that it is. You cannot actually make a Violin sound like a trumpet; you would need an actual trumpet to make the sound of a trumpet. Similarly, you can do a lot with your Mojo, but no matter what character you are playing, or how you are acting, your Mojo is going to do these things with the energy signature of your Mojo, which can always be read.

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