Peak Pathways

How to optimize the most powerful Biohardware
in the known universe...

Each Mojo has a Peak Pathway, which is the combination of the eight powers in their particular arrangement. It is more than that though, as it is also the way that these powers work together in productive harmony. This includes achieving union between your conscious and unconscious, which naturally takes you to your Spirits and where these higher relationships take you. The peak pathways of humans are the most powerful and complex forms of energy in the known Cosmos. Each one is beautiful, powerful, and essential. This applies to every unique person and how their Peak Pathway works heroically for them. These peak pathways, are each a kind of Teaching Story. All humans need to take their Peak Pathway as far as they can because this is how each individual knows themselves and contributes ideally to the human species as well. All the different Peak Pathways are designed to work in productive harmony together. This is how humans are designed, and it is superior in individual and collective application than anything that has been thought up by the human race in recorded history. Humans need to take their modern memetics and make them fully congruent with their naturally evolved Peak Pathways. Otherwise, they are in violation of Natural Law. 

                                                                           Figure 1: Nai’xyy Peak Pathway.

                                                                           Figure 2: Nyy'xai Peak Pathway.

                                                                           Figure 3: Xai'nyy Peak Pathway.

                                                                           Figure 4: Zai'nyy Peak Pathway.

Order of Operations

The four conscious and four unconscious Pod Powers are prioritized from one through eight in different consciousness signal strengths depending on the Mojo Configuration. The higher the priority, the stronger the signal strength; the most efficient activation sequence is from the strongest, top priority power through to the weakest.


Momentum is an increase of energy in a person's Psyche and overall Mojo. This occurs when an individual is using the powers native to the preferred hemisphere in concert with one’s innate configuration. The act of gaining momentum is considered the creative and generative aspect involved in the work of being a human. Each power naturally gains momentum from engaging in certain activities.


A person modulates when they decrease the momentum of a preferred power by utilizing the antithetical power located in their non-preferred hemisphere of the brain. Each of the Pod Powers of the Psyche has another Pod Power that is designed to modulate it. This mechanism acts as an innate system of checks and balances for the Psyche. The modulation relationships are between:

·       Vyy and Nai

·       Vai and Nyy

·       Zyy and Xai

·       Zai and Xyy

Perception Powers are modulated by other Perception Powers that are focused on different kinds of informational influxes. The Perception Modulation relationships are:

·       Vyy and Nai

·       Vai and Nyy

Discernment Powers are modulated by other Discernment Powers that are focused on different criteria for making decisions. The Discernment modulation relationships are:

·       Zyy and Xai

·       Zai and Xyy

                                             Figure 5: Momentum/Modulation Relationship using Nai’xyy Mojo as Example.

Conscious Power Hierarchy

The Near Side powers are the two powers that most define an individual. They are Momentum powers and work together to create energy in the Psyche.

1.   Source: The top priority power. It emanates the strongest, most pervasive signal. The rest of the seven Pod Powers are all infused and predominated by the Source Power's drives. The Source is the master of a person's psyche - the rest of the powers exist to serve it in some way.

2.   Tandem: Works in conjunction with the Source. Together they comprise the main characteristics of a person’s Mojo. This Compound Relationship (Source and Tandem) is the smallest possible reduction of a person’s total Synomnia, because powers cannot function in isolation.

An individual can reach to their Far Side powers to refine and perfect the products of their Source and Tandem. This process of modulation results in a decrease in energy.

3.   Offside: The third priority power. It modulates (balances) the Tandem, and works in conjunction with the Polar (below). The Offside is the least taxing of the Far Side powers to use.

4.   Polar: The fourth priority power. It modulates the Source, and works in conjunction with the Offside. Because its orientation is antithetical to the Source, this power takes the most energy to use.

For example, the Nyy’xai, Xai’nyy, Zyy’vai, and Vai’zyy are four very different Mojo designs, but they all use the same four conscious powers. So these four Mojos are all using different ratios of these four powers in any maneuver you will see them doing and these inherent ratio differences make all the difference in the world. See figures below.

                                                                           Figure 6: Quadrant of the Psyche Location.

                                                                           Figure 7: Nyy’xai Conscious Powers.

                                                                           Figure 7: Xai'nyy Conscious Powers.

                                                                           Figure 8: Zyy'vai Conscious Powers.

                                                                           Figure 8: Vai'zyy Conscious Powers.


Each of the Pod Powers has another Pod Power that is designed to inspire it. Inspiration can be thought of in simple technical terms as Unconscious Momentum. Powers that call to each other and work in concert to achieve some end are Inspirationals. The inspirational relationships are:

·       Vyy and Vai. Collectively called the Vez Powers.

·       Zyy and Zai. Collectively called the Zez Powers.

·       Xyy and Xai. Collectively called the Xez Powers.

·       Nyy and Nai. Collectively called the Nez Powers.

Unconscious Powers

Every individual's unconscious powers consist of the powers of the Unconscious Genius, also called The Uthur, or the Ideal Inspirational of a person’s Mojo. The Uthur prioritizes each channel in the same order, but uses the other power within that channel. These unconscious powers are comprised of the Uthur’s Source, Uthur’s Tandem, Uthur’s Offside, and Uthur's Polar. These powers function in the same manner as the Conscious Powers; the Uthur's Source and Tandem are inspiring and energizing, while the Unconscious Offside and Polar are more challenging to access.

·       Nai’xyyzaivyy Conscious has Nyyxaizyyvai Unconscious

·       Nai’zyyxaivyy Conscious has Nyyzaixyyvai Unconscious

·       Nyy’xaizyyvai Conscious has Naixyyzaivyy Unconscious

·       Nyy’zaixyyvai Conscious has Naizyyxaivyy Unconscious

·       Xai’nyyvaizyy Conscious has Xyynaivyyzai Unconscious

·       Xai’vyynaizyy Conscious has Xyyvainyyzai Unconscious

·       Xyy’naivyyzai Conscious has Xainyyvaizyy Unconscious

·       Xyy’vainyyzai Conscious has Xaivyynaizyy Unconscious

·       Zai’nyyvaixyy Conscious has Zyynaivyyxai Unconscious

·       Zai’vyynaixyy Conscious has Zyyvainyyxai Unconscious

·       Zyy’naivyyxai Conscious has Zainyyvaixyy Unconscious

·       Zyy’vainyyxai Conscious has Zaivyynaixyy Unconscious

·       Vai’xyyzainyy Conscious has Vyyxaizyynai Unconscious

·       Vai’zyyxainyy Conscious has Vyyzaixyynai Unconscious

·       Vyy’xaizyynai Conscious has Vaixyyzainyy Unconscious

·       Vyy’zaixyynai Conscious has Vaizyyxainyy Unconscious

Specialty Super Hero

These are the fundamental building blocks of you. Human Design teaches you how the psyche works; with the Pod Powers you learn the variables, your super powers. Human Design confers the species as a collection of heroic specialists where all the variables naturally plug in to automatically make each individual a hero. Everyone has a Source power with abilities that only Source powers can do. As a result, any Pod Power you possess as a Source power is going to be a super power automatically!

What we Get From Peaking

When we peak, we will feel heroic, when we get energy, we feel heroic. What we must realize is who the highest authority is on deciding what is heroic about ourselves. Without a good connection with your Peak Pathway, your heroic validation could mainly come from the outside, although it should come from your own understanding of yourself. The energy you receive in return from your peaking process is even greater than the output. You may grow tired in the short run, but when you recover, you will be stronger and with more heroic potential than you had before.

The Unconscious Source and Unconscious Tandem powers will validate the existence of your Source and Tandem powers. Not only will you get energy back, you will get it back because you did a great job in what you did and the way you did it.

The more you peak, the more confidence you will have in your own Self-mastery. We can all become masters of ourselves, however you cannot master yourself if you do not know yourself, and you cannot know yourself if you do not love yourself. You are wired in an innate way, and it is beautiful; accept it, and it will be far easier to touch the deeper and unconscious sides of yourself if you acknowledge that they are part of you.

It will become vitally important to both yourself and the world that you peak. Peaking is not just for personal enlightenment, but also for making you a key part of humanity. Nature has given you innate gifts, and when you peak you are becoming super human.

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