The Infinite Complexity of Nature ...

Qualia, in the way it is being used here in the Pod’Lair Lexicon, refers to the unique individual essence that defines the true nature of something. It is organic and infinitely nuanced, like a fractal.

Experiencing Qualia

The only way to observe Qualia is through direct experience.

Qualia is ineffable, words can only represent the phenomena that they are referring to in limited ways, Qualia is simply too nuanced and too complex to ever be captured in just words. In the same way that 3.14 is not equal to Pi, a word is only a metaphor for the Qualia that it is supposed to represent.

It is impossible to give another human an experience just by describing it in words, you need to actually experience it for yourself to experience the raw essence, or qualia of said experience.

It is for this reason that in Philosophy, Qualia is often used to describe the Subjective experience, because it is the part of our experience that does not always transfer over in universal ways. Your experience is unique and there are a lot of variables, such as your Mojo, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Development level, Experience, and other factors that cause you to experience Qualia in your own unique ways. This does not mean that there is no Objectivity in anything, and that everyone is experiencing a completely different reality, on the contrary we are experiencing the same reality, it is just that these experiences hit us differently.

Qualia and Mojo

Each Mojo has their own unique and observable qualia that define them, and it is this energy signature that allows one to tell the difference between one Mojo from another. Even though we often describe the Mojo Phenomenon in very Technical ways, in reality Mojo is something that is very organic and nuanced, so it is important that you understand the Mojo Phenomenon with this organic and fractal nature in mind, as something that more than just the theory that describes it.

Qualia and Mojo Reading

Even though the higher gears of the five gears of Mojo reading are the most tacit and intangible, even the lower, and more concrete gears require the acknowledgement of Qualia in order to actually perceive them correctly. The First Gear of Mojo Reading mostly deals with Component physiological cues, things like head tilts, eye drifts and checks. If you are not looking at the qualia of First Gear cues, then there is no point in even addressing them in the first place. It is irrelevant which cues are being done and how many times they are being done, the relevant information is the qualitative nature behind how they are being done, the relevant information is in the Qualia. What makes a Nai drift different from a Vai check? Qualia. What makes a Nai dissatisfaction different from Zai unflappability? Qualia. What makes the difference between Adaptive Yang gesturing, and Directive Yang Gesturing; it’s the qualia. Reading Mojo, or Reading a human in general means reading Qualia, if you are not paying any attention to Qualia, then you are simply not reading a person.

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