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Mojo Confirmations - Get Your Mojo Read!

Right now Pod'Lair is in it's Proof of Concept phase, and for a limited time reads will be FREE with 95%+ Accuracy from our expert Mojo Reading Team.
To have your Mojo read, send in a video (guidelines below) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and our team will send you your Mojo Confirmation (must have a valid email address). Turnaround times vary, but will usually be within a week.

Video Submission Guidelines

* Film yourself talking about something. 

* You can use a camcorder, web cam, or digital camera in video mode, provided they result in a GOOD QUALITY video. 

* Good Quality = good lighting, good resolution, speaking loudly and clearly, and close-up on your head and shoulders. Please send a CURRENT video, newly and specifically made for your Pod'Lair submission. 

* 10 minutes is adequate but more video is ideal (this is a good compromise between sufficient video for Readers to read you while still being convenient). 

* Upload your video to YouTube, either as public or unlisted, and send us the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our team will review your media (due to high volume of requests, there may be delays) and email you with a read of your Mojo within 1-2 weeks.

The Mojo Reading Process

Before you submit your video to have your Mojo read, there are some things you need to keep in mind about the Mojo Reading process:

1) Limited Attention: The level of skill required to do this is very high and should not be taken lightly. Respect must be given to the process so that the best read can be given. This is for this reason a high value gift and one that takes time so that the focus of a person who has this skill set is limited, like a doctor or detective who has a large person-based case load. Each new case takes precious attention.

2) Limited Energy: Besides the attention of a superbly skilled specialist, the reading of a person is fatiguing, like an artist poring over a painting or a surgeon keeping every hand motion under control during an operation. It is fatiguing, so only so many cases can be worked and if a person is not fresh they should wait until they are rejuvenated and have the correct amount of energy for such a feat. Not only is the level of technique preciously finite, so is the mental and artistic energy required to fuel such a process.

3) Limited Mojo Readers: Besides the fact that each Mojo Reader can only focus on so many cases (and research relevant to those cases) and that doing the Mojo Read itself takes a huge amount of energy, there is also the fact that there are only four Mojo Readers currently trained so there is an added value due to scarcity. Each of these four can only have enough overall (complete workload) focus on a limited number of cases at any one time, and each of these four can only do a limited amount of quality reading in any given day so even on cases we ARE working we have to space out the reads over the week. Taking on another case is a big favor. 

4) Toxicity Issue: Reading a person has a lot in common with doing psych profiles. All humans will benefit from being read, but the process of reading a person is made more difficult, and dangerous, by toxicity levels of the subjects being read. It is very important that the few qualified readers not waste their time with people who won't contribute to the Pod'Lair cause and community and just want to get reads for themselves and don't want to give back. We have had lots of experience with this and it has consistently been those with the most toxic energy and least desire to chip in for their fellow humans that are often the most insistent of having this valuable service given to them without regard to how they can help their fellow humans in return or how toxic their energy is. This makes for an arduous experience for the beleaguered Pod'Lair team. Short version: when you read you merge with the mind of the subject to some degree, so we need to know first if we want to do that with the person. 

5) Responsibility: What Pod'Lair can teach a person about themselves and accessing their innate powers is awesome but it needs to be put in the right hands. Everyone will know about Pod'Lair eventually once it goes majorly public but we ourselves only want to teach those who are going to use this knowledge heroically. You don't want to teach a physical bully how to fight better so you don't want to teach any kind of physical or metaphysical vampire or villain how to be more powerful than they already are. They must truly be accepting of the principles we value here.

Quality Reading

At this point already, Pod'Lair methodology outperforms any cognitive function evaluation product on the market and we are working to build a counsel of 16 full-time Professional Mojo Readers at 100% accuracy as a minimum for an official read. Our standards are very high.

Enjoy Pod'Lair Planet knowing what your Mojo is! 

The Not-So-Fine Print

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

* You must have a valid email address to receive your confirmation. 

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