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* This is an artistic and intellectual jam session among people who wish to independently embark on their own journey of self-development. All participation is voluntary. We do not have psychological field experience. These theories come from the mind of Thomas Chenault and are being practiced in an experimental format with this site as a focus. We do not practice psychology/psychiatry/medicine etc. We do not give counseling or diagnose mental illness. These personal development resources do not constitute medical advice or treatment. 

* The atmosphere of harmony and studiousness is vital to maintain. We reserve the right to remove any members that become disruptive to the learning experience of others. 

* Video of unwilling participants, deliberate attempts to confuse or mislead, poor quality, etc. will not be considered for reading. Mojo can be read regardless of mood, nervousness, unselfknowingness, acting, or any other factor affecting one’s performance, but ideal conditions are the best use of our team’s efforts and most likely to have your request of Mojo confirmation granted. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. But we'd rather you just be cool and have a good time :)

* Pod'Lair Theory and its applications are the intellectual property of Thomas Chenault.

* Only official students of Thomas Chenault are permitted to teach Pod'Lair.

* This website and its content are copyrighted by Pod’Lair. Any redistribution or reproduction of any Pod'Lair content in any form is prohibited. You may not use, distribute or commercially exploit this content without the site owner’s written permission.

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