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Pod’Lair is an unfolding scientific breakthrough that will revolutionize every sphere of human understanding and existence. To be involved in this cutting edge movement, you must be able to treat fellow humans with respect and play well with others, interact appropriately with highly eccentric and gifted thinkers, participate in a provocative revolutionary environment, and recognize an invaluable opportunity to become the greatest version of yourself and change the world for the benefit of all. The PICN (Pod’Lair Intentional Community Network) is a powerful community of people who share these principles and welcome similarly open-minded and heroic humans. 


* All Humans are members of one Species, one Collective, one Tribe, one People. We are All One. 

* Gender Equality is part of Natural Law.

* Racial Equality is part of Natural Law.

* Age Equality is part of Natural Law based on the Mentorship Model. 

* Sexual Orientation of all persuasions is part of Natural Law based on the Social Alchemy Model. 

* Mojos manifest relatively evenly among genders, when it comes to being Adaptive/Directive, Objective/Subjective, Interpretive/Literal and Logic-Based/Values-Based. Attitudes to the contrary are largely based on memes and do not reflect the actual manifestations of Natural Law. This is what the data is showing.

* You are a Mojo Configuration. It is innate and underlies all that you know and do. This Mojo Configuration does not change into another Mojo but it does grow and grow to infinite levels of development.

* All Humans are a Mojo Configuration and part of the Human Matrix, like you.

* All Mojos were created by Natural Law and thus are equally integral and valuable to the Tribe of Humanity. 

* Everything is Energy Evolving. This is the basic premise of Pod'Lair Theory. Only through this lens does all of Natural Law make sense even as its new vistas unfold.

* Humans evolved from primates, who evolved from mammals, who evolved with the rest of the biological life on this planet. The biological evolution is connected to the chemical evolution of the planet and everything is connected at an atomic level.

* Everything that humans experience is really a form of energy exchange which is done through eight specific Pod Powers of the Psyche. This means that all humans are sending and getting signals with their eight powers.

* Since all humans experience existence as various forms of energy exchange, the ranking of their Powers of the Psyche determines their 'reality'. All humans are working from a 'partial reality' that they share collectively with the other humans. Only with ALL the humans, and all their gifts, can the greater portion of existence be made aware to us and thus increase our understanding of truth to its highest levels.

The Intentional Community

* When you enter the PICN you are entering a campus, a community, and an ongoing collective experiment. You are there to enjoy and create this bubble with the other members.

* There is a pronounced MMORPG rif being used as many of the principles are incorporated to create a heroic community of humans. 

* Social Alchemy bubbles exist. You are in one right now. You are always in one. Social Alchemy creates bubbles that affect every Mojo within them. Social Alchemy Bubbles can be created not only by people but also by media, locations, and artifacts. 

* Bubbles, from individuals to nations, are what make up all the experiences humans are having in romance, career, hobbies, home, etc. Everything, and really everyone, is an Energy Bubble. This is a principle of how the PICN is set up.

* There needs to be an acceptance and respect for the concept of protected areas where different and specific Social Alchemy Mojo Bubbles can be created. These are needed for full development of an individual by allowing the various aspects of a person's gifts to be worked on when they want, and for as long as they want, in the environment ideally suited for it. The Social Alchemy Bubbles allow for at least twenty groupings in order to have constant access to bubbles as specific as just their own Gender Mojo, up to Bubbles that include the entire collective and everything in between. This is an essential part of the Pod'Lair lifestyle and inherent learning methodology.


* You must approach this experience with the spirit of learning and growing.

* The measure of a person, for themselves and others, as a member of the PICN is that of the Personal Herography. Keeping this in mind for the individual keeps their heroic ideal constantly in their mind's eye, while for others it ensures that they speak to the individual in a way and on topics that will be of true interest.

* You are an Ambassador of yourself, your Mojo, and of Pod'Lair. Conduct yourself accordingly.

* Passionate discourse on topics is encouraged but this does not condone derogatory, uncooperative, or belligerent behavior or attitudes towards Staff, fellow PICN members, and different Mojos in general.

* Do not use any material on this site without express permission. This begins at the Public level and is accentuated in the PICN and even more so in the Special Programs, as these allow access to increasing levels of sensitivity of information.

* You will need to come to the PICN with an open mind and a dedication to the task of learning more about Pod'Lair Theory, yourself and your fellow humans.

* You will need to be comfortable with the branding being used for the company that will be pushing this theory into the world. The branding of Pod'Lair is sophisticated and considerate in approach while also being provocative and ambitious in intention.

Basic Proficiency

* You need to be able to 'see it' in regards to the Mojo Configurations using the Simplified Method and Five Gears. You don't have to be perfect or even 85%+ (proficient) but you do need to have seen the phenomenon so you know it to be true in at least yourself and some other people in your life. This Proof-Of-Concept must be bridged before coming into the PICN. Post-PICN discussion has this as a given.

* You need to be able to 'feel it' in regards to your individual Pod Powers. This is crucial to getting in touch with your true nature as the Mojo Configuration that you are. You don't have to be a master of your Power Flows but you do need to have felt enough of them experientially so you know them to be true in at least yourself and some other people in your life. This Proof-Of-Concept must be bridged before coming into the PICN. Post-PICN discussion has this as a given.

* You need to be able to 'vibe with/against' in regards to the phenomenon of Social Alchemy Bubbles. This is crucial to understanding the power and necessity of the temple training that will be integral to learning the higher levels of Pod'Lair Theory. Not all Bubbles (there are many) need to have been experienced, but you should have observed enough to know that the phenomenon is real and it follows the principles of Social Alchemy. This Proof-Of-Concept must be bridged before coming into the PICN. Post-PICN discussion has this as a given.

The Learning Model

* Pod'Lair Theory eschews the current trend in institutional learning with degrees in favor of a Mentorship and Proficiency Model of learning. This means you learn to DO A THING (even if it is conceptual) from a person who can DO A THING. Rather than formal degrees, there is an emphasis on being a good mentee, being a good mentor, apprentice-to-master skills training, performance of Mojo specific abilities, and feats of excellence demonstrations. This is how humans actually learn. 

* The Merit Badge System and Portfolio System will be used a great deal as this reflects what a person can actually do or has done (similar to Microsoft Certifications as opposed to academic degrees in software). After training, humans should be able to perform the actual task they are trained for (After institutional studies they must often learn or re-learn; for example, psychologists spend 8+ years studying the human condition but are often less proficient at reading their clients than a decent sales person). 

* Credentials in other fields that may have overlap are irrelevant because they fail to demonstrate the two basic qualifications for analyzing or educating fellow humans:
1) Ability to read the humans they intend to analyze or educate at 100% accuracy of their Mojo Configuration.
2) Establishment of a bubble where a person can work on any and all aspects of their Mojo at various Temples & Dojos on some kind of Campus.
Anyone who does not possess #1 is incompetent. We consider competent for a human to be 85% and for a teacher to be 100%. 

The Pod’Lair Model

* ALL human understanding fits within the Understanding Continuum. The Understanding Continuum is how ALL humans are wired to understand and interact with their physical and metaphysical existence.

* The PICN is based on the premise that the Component, Concrete, Tacit, Artistic, and Spiritual Understandings act as One Understanding to all spheres such as Recreational, Commercial, Scientific, Artistic, and Spiritual Spheres acting as One Sphere. There is only One Universe and One Planet Earth and One People… all of us humans together in the Tribe of Humanity.

* Models are structures of thought in simplest terms, including Models Within Models. For example, Pod'Lair Theory is an Omni Model that incorporates many smaller models such as the Understanding Continuum, Mentorship Education Methodology, etc. ALL models of thought, from strategy to spirituality, can be evaluated according to how well it understands Natural Law. There are no opinions or positions that do not come from some kind of model of thought (even if highly singular in nature). Not all models are equal.

* Pod'Lair Theory is unprecedented in scope of vision and power of concept. There are many previous theories that Pod'Lair will have overlap with. Pod'Lair Theory will be correcting previous theories as well as bringing a multitude of new fields of study into existence. This will be done with a degree and amount of irrefutable evidence that is unmatched.

The Founder

* Pod'Lair Theory comes from the powerfully synesthetic mind of Thomas Chenault, who without academic degrees or professional training, is the undisputed authority on these subjects. This is demonstrated by the unprecedented feats he can perform on video or in person that other humans can’t, but is his goal to teach others to do. 

* Pod'Lair will be challenging ALL experts from ALL facilities around the world once the Proof-of-Concept has been sufficiently achieved. Thomas Chenault has been solving cases that top facilities around the world have been devoting resources to for the entirety of their existence without being able to solve. 

* Thomas Chenault, in correlation with his unprecedented level of synomnia, has numerous eccentricities that he wants any potential student to be aware of. You need to be able to interact with an artist and thinker who has lived with issues related to pushing his mind to the utmost in order to bring Pod’Lair theory into fruition despite, or perhaps because of, these inherent eccentricities. These include HSP, OCD, amnesia, voices, intense interactions with imaginary friends, rages, depressions, paranoia, etc. Many a great visionary was very odd (from Daniel Tammet to John Nash, et al.), but that does not change the power of the brilliant contributions their minds have made to science. If you have any problem with this, then Mr. Chenault has no interest in teaching you.

In Conclusion

* Understand you are being given a golden opportunity for access to information unprecedented in its ability to enlighten the human condition.

* All PICN participants must demonstrate basic proficiency and agree to these Principles as post-PICN discussion has these as a given so that everyone can commence with advanced discussions. 

* If you have any questions or issues about the PICN Principles, please go to the PICN Principle discussion forum thread. 

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