The Pod Power of Vyy (**) 

Vyy deals with present-oriented, detail-based information coming to the psyche from sensory data in the external environment.

·       Concept: Reality

·       Tech specs: Adaptive Objective Literal Perception

·       Priority: Stimulus Register. Also referred to as a Gatherer Power

·       Color-code: Green, for its relation to the five senses and the vibrancy of life

·       Location: Right Front Quadrant of the psyche

·       Hand sign: Closed Hand touched to the Right Front part of the head

·       Power Flows: Five Senses, Sensory Stimulation, Alertness, Environment Scanning, Present-mindedness, In the Moment, Visceral Experience, Hyperized Experience, Sensual Experience, Connoisseur Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Ecstatic Experience, Kinetic Energy, Galvanization, Zest for Life, Exuberance, Animal Magnetism, Stage Presence, Concrete Existence, Corporeality

·       Distinct Signal: Amped

·       Positive associations: Earthy, Stylish, Acquisitive

·       Negative associations: Oversimplified, Shallow, Greedy

·       Physiological Cue: Laser Eyes

                                                                                  Figure 1. Power of Vyy 

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