The Pod Power of Vai (\\)

Vai deals with past-oriented, detail-based information coming from the unconscious psyche into the conscious.

·       Concept: The Known

·       Tech specs: Directive Subjective Literal Perception

·       Priority: Worldview Map. Also referred to as a Hunter Power

·       Color-code: Dark Grey, for pin-point accuracy and somberness

·       Location: Left Rear Quadrant of the psyche

·       Hand sign: Closed Hand touched to the Left Rear part of the head

·       Power Flows: Recall, Call to Remember, Memories, Experience, Exact Information, Verifiable Data, Specificity, Practicality, Stability, Security, Consistency, Reliability, Maintaining, Preserving, Sense of Tradition, Historic Roots, Attention to Detail, Standards of Excellence, Solidity, Certainty

·       Distinct Signal: Concern

·       Positive associations: Staunch, Unfailing, Meticulous

·       Negative associations: Rigid, Boring, Nitpicky

·       Physiological Cue: Prepared Eyes

                                                                                   Figure 1. Power of Vai

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