The Pod Power of Xyy (:+:) 

Xyy deals with decision-making based on personal criteria from the world.

·       Concept: The People

·       Tech specs: Directive Objective Values-Based Discernment

·       Priority: Dynamics Mover. Also referred to as a Pilot Power

·       Color-code: Red, for fellowship, loyalty, and community

·       Location: Left Front Quadrant of the psyche

·       Hand sign: Open Hand touched to the Front Left part of the head

·       Power Flows: Sense of Community, Personal Connection, Social Awareness, Personal Consideration, Integrity, Code of Conduct , Tribal Relationships, Cultural Dynamics, Interpersonal Relationships, Group Dynamics, Etiquette, Diplomacy, Team Building, Shepherding, Rituals, Collective Values, Charm, Persuasion, Human Relationships, Human Dynamics

·       Distinct Signal: Caring

·       Positive associations: Loyal, Passionate, Charismatic

·       Negative associations: Clannish, Volatile, Manipulative

·       Physiological Cue: Aware emotive spectrum including Benevolent-Bold-Baleful

                                                                                 Figure 1. Power of Xyy

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