The Pod Power of Xai (@)

Xai deals with decision-making based on personal criteria from the psyche.

·       Concept: Harmony

·       Tech specs: Adaptive Subjective Values-Based Discernment

·       Priority: Compass Bearings. Also referred to as a Tower Power

·       Color-code: Pink, for purity, hope, virtue and the power of vulnerability

·       Location: Right Rear Quadrant of the psyche

·       Hand sign: Open Hand touched to the Right Rear part of the head

·       Power Flows: Hope, Expectancy, Idealism, Sentiment, Virtue, Personal Purity, Gut Reaction, Acid Testing, Essence Reading, Attunement, Empathy, Communing, Resonating, Internalizing, Conviction, Investment, Devotion, Sacrifice, Personal Values, Moral Compass

·       Distinct Signal: Poignancy

·       Positive associations: Humane, Innocent, Authentic

·       Negative associations: Depressive, Deluded, Self-Centered

·       Physiological Cue: Unaware emotive spectrum including Sad-Earnest-Joyful

                                                                                  Figure 1. Power of Xai

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