Vyy'xai Mojo Dossier
Amped infused with Poignancy

Adaptive Objective Perception Lead
Literal Values Based

Conscious Powers (Apparatus):


Vyy’xai **(@) drink in the tangible visceral experience in the environment with their five senses (Vyy (**)), creating an attentive and concrete character. They sift through sensory stimuli in real time, marking the experiences that resonate with their personal values (Xai (@)) as important and relevant. With maturity, they can express their zest for the life to logical systems (Zyy (#)), giving external structure to their observations. With heroic effort, they are able to detach from their surroundings in order to synthesize the patterns of their experiences into a vision of greater meaning (Nai (//)).

·       Conscious Powers: Vyy (Source), Xai (Tandem), Zyy (Offside), Nai (Polar)

·       Energy Fields: Adaptive, Objective, Perception-Lead, Literal & Values-Based

The Vyy’xai Mojo’s cognitive configuration gives off the following innate physiological cues:

·       Vyy: Laser Eyes, increases when Eyes Widen. Shimmy Body Movements.

 Major Momentum.

·       Xai: Joyful/Earnest/Mournful Emoting. Warm Resonating when Eyes Drift Right. Minor Momentum.

·       Zyy: Anvil Neutralizing. Cool Articulation. Minor Modulation.

·       Nai: Cunning Countenance when Eyes Narrow or Check Left. Major Modulation.

·       Adaptive: Warm Fleshy Claw Gesturing, including Natural State Yin & Altered State Yang.

·       Objective: Unhooded Eyes. Natural State Animation & Altered State Refrainment.

·       Literal: Baseline Accentuated energy rhythm, specifically Vyy.

·       Values-Based: Emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, specifically Xai Emoting. This also applies to audible emoting and its relation to the Mid-Line of the voice.

·       Perception-Lead: Bi-Field Face. Xai emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, but not the Brim-Line. Discernment of Xai does not overtake the perception of Vyy in the eyes.

·       Distinct Signal: Vyy Amped infused with Xai Poignancy. This is the core essence of the Vyy’xai and thus it is the prevailing and pervasive energy signature.

Famous Vyy'xai **(@)

Vyy'xai Males

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Jon Gosselin

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Bob Guiney

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Jef Holm

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Sean Lowe

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Heath Miller

Vyy’xai **(@)Y David Mizejewski

Vyy’xai **(@)Y David Salmoni

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Mike Napoli

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Donald Schultz

Vyy’xai **(@)Y Tim Tebow

Vyy'xai Females

Vyy'xai **(@)X Paula Abdul

Vyy'xai **(@)X Pamela Anderson

Vyy'xai **(@)X Drew Barrymore

Vyy'xai **(@)X Kelly Clarkson

Vyy'xai **(@)X Cameron Diaz

Vyy'xai **(@)X Goldie Hawn

Vyy'xai **(@)X Jennifer Love Hewitt

Vyy'xai **(@)X Kim Kardashian

Vyy'xai **(@)X Lil' Kim

Vyy'xai **(@)X Hayden Panettiere

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