Nyy'xai Mojo Dossier
Buoyancy infused with Poignancy

Adaptive Objective Perception Lead
Interpretive Values-Based

Conscious Powers (Apparatus):


Nyy’xai ??(@) drink in the intangible emerging possibilities in the environment with their sixth sense (Nyy (??)), creating an attentive and abstract character. They sift through emerging patterns in real time, marking the possibilities that resonate with their personal values (Xai (@)) as important and relevant. With maturity, they can express their enthusiasm for change to logical systems (Zyy (#)), giving external structure to their abstractions. With heroic effort, they are able to reliably store the exact details (Vai (\\)) of their cross-contextualizations, girding their abstractions with sureness.

·       Conscious Powers: Nyy (Source), Xai (Tandem), Zyy (Offside), Vai (Polar)

·       Energy Fields: Adaptive, Objective, Perception-Lead, Interpretive & Values-Based.

The Nyy’xai Mojo’s cognitive configuration gives off the following innate physiological cues:

·       Nyy: Dancing Eyes, increases when Eyes Widen. Bobble Body Movements.

 Major Momentum.

·       Xai: Joyful/Earnest/Mournful Emoting. Warm Resonating when Eyes Drift Right.

Minor Momentum.

·       Zyy: Anvil Neutralizing. Cool Articulation. Minor Modulation.

·       Vai: Concerned Countenance when Eyes Narrow or Check Left. Major Modulation.

·       Adaptive: Warm Gumby Claw Gesturing, including Natural State Yin & Altered State Yang.

·       Objective: Unhooded Eyes. Natural State Animation & Altered State Refrainment.

·       Interpretive: Baseline Syncopated energy rhythm, specifically Nyy.

·       Values-Based: Emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, specifically Xai Emoting. This also applies to audible emoting and its relation to the Mid-Line of the voice.

·       Perception-Lead: Bi-Field Face. Xai emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, but not the Brim-Line. Discernment of Xai does not overtake the perception of Nyy in the eyes.

·       Distinct Signal: Nyy Buoyancy infused with Xai Poignancy. This is the core essence of the Nyy’xai and thus it is the prevailing and pervasive energy signature.


Famous Nyy'xai ??(@)

Nyy'xai Males

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Russell Brand

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Mark Dacascos

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Joel Grey

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Josh Holloway

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Grant Imahara

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Hugh Jackman

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Chris Kattan

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Martin Short

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Justin Timberlake

Nyy’xai ??(@)Y Wilmer Valderrama

Nyy'xai Females

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Morena Baccarin

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Lucille Ball

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Juliette Binoche

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Alison Brie

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Kari Byron

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Sarah Chalke

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Marion Cotillard

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Jodie Foster

Nyy'xai ??(@)X Mila Kunis


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