Zyy'nai Mojo Dossier
Bracing infused with Dissatisfaction

Directive Objective Lead Discerner
Logic-Based Interpretive

Conscious Powers (Apparatus):


Zyy’nai #(//) engage the dynamics of external systems (Zyy (#)) with logical decision-making, sequential organization, and strategy, creating an attentive and authoritative character. They gain insights into The System from detached speculation and perspective-shifting (Nai (//)), giving them an independent-minded plan with which to direct these external structures. With maturity, they can proactively improve the workings of The System by integrating concrete visceral experience (Vyy (**)). With heroic effort, they are able to apply their personal values (Xai (@)) to The System and resonate with moral conviction.

·       Conscious Powers: Zyy (Source), Nai (Tandem), Vyy (Offside), Xai (Polar)

·       Energy Fields: Directive, Objective, Discernment-Lead, Logic-Based & Interpretive

The Zyy’nai Mojo’s cognitive configuration gives off the following innate physiological cues:

·       Zyy: Anvil Neutralizing. Cool Articulation. Major Momentum.

·       Nai: Cunning Eyes. Cunning Countenance when Eyes Drift Left. Minor Momentum.

·       Vyy: Laser Perk Up when Eyes Widen. Shimmy Body Movements. Minor Modulation.

·       Xai: Joyful/Earnest/Mournful Emoting. Warm Resonating when Eyes Drift Right. Major Modulation.

·       Directive: Choppy Hands Gesturing, including Natural State Yang & Altered State Yin.

·       Objective: Unhooded Eyes. Natural State Animation & Altered State Refrainment.

·       Interpretive: Baseline Syncopated energy rhythm, specifically Nai.

·       Logic-Based: Emoting does not go above the Mid-Line of the face. This also applies to audible emoting and its relation to the Mid-Line of the voice.

·       Discernment-Lead: Uni-Field Face. Zyy Anvil Neutralizing is baseline and also goes past the Brim-Line. Discernment of Zyy overtakes the perception of Nai in the eyes.

·       Distinct Signal: Zyy Bracing infused with Nai Dissatisfaction. This is the core essence of the Zyy’nai and thus it is the prevailing and pervasive energy signature.


Famous Zyy’nai #(//) from the Virtual Village

Zyy'nai Males

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Terry Bradshaw

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Dick Butkus

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Jay Glazer

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Zahi Hawas

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Jimmy Johnson

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Howie Long

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Arnold Schwarzenegger

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Ryan Seacrest

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Donald Trump

Zyy’nai #(//)Y Jesse Ventura

Zyy'nai Females

Zyy’nai #(//)X Maria Bartiromo

Zyy’nai #(//)X Carol Bartz

Zyy’nai #(//)X Natalie Batalha

Zyy’nai #(//)X Joy Behar

Zyy’nai #(//)X Sue Decker

Zyy’nai #(//)X Susie Essman

Zyy’nai #(//)X Arianna Huffington

Zyy’nai #(//)X Rosie O'Donnell

Zyy’nai #(//)X Sara Seager


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