Vai'xyy Mojo Dossier
Concern infused with Caring

Directive Subjective Perception Lead
Literal Values-Based

Conscious Powers (Apparatus):


Vai’xyy \\(:+:) view the world from a perspective founded on historical experience and detail recollection (Vai (\\)), creating an introspective and grounded character. They team-build and shepherd others (Xyy (:+:)), persuasively directing the interpersonal dynamics around them to implement their vision. With maturity, they can apply dispassionate reasoning (Zai (=)) in order to refine a plan for The People to optimum calibration. With heroic effort, they are able to cross-contextualize (Nyy (??)) their practical experiences for versatility to improvise in an unexpected situation.

·       Conscious Powers: Vai (Source), Xyy (Tandem), Zai (Offside), Nyy (Polar)

·       Energy Fields: Directive, Subjective, Perception-Lead, Literal & Values-Based

The Vai’xyy Mojo’s cognitive configuration gives off the following innate physiological cues:

·       Vai: Prepared Eyes. Prepared Countenance when Eyes Check Left. Major Momentum.

·       Xyy: Benevolent/Bold/Baleful Emoting. Warm Articulation. Minor Momentum.

·       Zai: Steely Neutralizing. Cool Resonating when Eyes Check Right. Minor Modulation.

·       Nyy: Dancing Eyes when Eyes Widen. Bobble Body Movements. Major Modulation.

·       Directive: Warm Operator Gesturing, including Natural State Yang & Altered State Yin.

·       Subjective: Hooded Eyes. Natural State Refrainment & Altered State Animation.

·       Literal: Baseline Accentuated energy rhythm, specifically Vai.

·       Values-Based: Emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, specifically Xyy Emoting. This also applies to audible emoting and its relation to the Mid-Line of the voice.

·       Perception-Lead: Bi-Field Face. Xyy emoting goes above the Mid-Line of the face, but not the Brim-Line. Discernment of Xyy does not overtake the perception of Vai in the eyes.

·       Distinct Signal: Vai Concern infused with Xyy Caring. This is the core essence of the Vai’xyy and thus it is the prevailing and pervasive energy signature.


Famous Vai’xyy \\(:+:)

Vai'xyy Males

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Joseph Biden

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Kirk Cameron

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Kenny Chesney

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Dick Clark

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Anderson Cooper

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Nick Diaz

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Sanjay Gupta

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Mike Huckabee

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Rupert Murdoch

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)Y Bill O'Reilly

Vai'xyy Females

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Katie Couric 

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Kate Gosselin

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Joan Lunden

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Nancy Pelosi

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Meredith Vieira

Vai’xyy \\(:+:)X Tricia Yearwood


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