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What To Do With This: Applications & Value Added

The value of an increased understanding of people and existence through Mojo Reading and Pod’Lair should be self evident, but it’s amazing how many people have said, “Wow! That’s awesome! What do I do with it?!” Wow. Seriously, you would think people would be having the opposite reaction: be a good person and use these Super Powers for good. That’s the reaction you should be having, but if you actually need to be told what’s going on here, I will indulge you. I know it’s ridiculous but here is a short list of a few applications and benefits of this methodology.

A Noble Pursuit

First, people have options between all kinds of hobbies of observation, and in the grand scheme of things if you were to talk about the two most noble and worthwhile pursuits, they would be observing the heavenly bodies and figuring out how the Cosmos works, and observing humans and figuring out how they work. Reason number one is, this is a cooler hobby than what you’re most likely doing. Wouldn’t you like to be able to watch your friends and family and figure out everything that is going on there? That’s cool!

A More Nuanced Language

Pod’Lair is a language that can better express the nuance and import of the human experience. So many times there is not just miscommunication, from people not knowing their Configurations and the Configurations of others around them, but there has not previously been a sufficient language. For example, the physiological cue of “Unaware Mouth” is something that has been a great relief for Xai users to be able to talk about as something they do that people react to that before had no name. It’s amazing the power of naming something that previously had no name. You can work with that now and you can become excellent. Similar to idea prototypes, once you can think of it, once you can express it, once you can build even one of something that works, you can play with it and take it to its full greatness.

Most of your conversations in life, both verbal and also just “taking in of things” (Perception/information) and “getting out of things” (Discernment/decisions) are much less than they could be because there is a native language happening underneath. You’re massaging that language with the Meme languages you’ve inherited; languages of English, languages of certain clothes signifying certain stations in life, and other things of that nature that are buffering against the real read. There’s literally all this subtext that you’re missing right there beneath the text of Memes. There exists the subtext of your innate physiological Configuration and how it naturally has a language that other humans understand and were able to do long before we had words or language of the verbal kind.

Increased Energy

You’re going to have a lot more energy. Most of the time when you go through life, you’re trying to get various things - money, romance, or whatever, but at the end of the day what you really want is energy. Energy is the most rewarding thing to get and it is the most attractive thing to everyone else on the planet regardless of sexual attraction or just another human; it’s just appealing. The way to get that is first of all to know how you’re configured, but also to know how to hunt and gather for that energy because the Sixteen Configurations literally feed off of the environment differently. It’s why a lot of Americans are obese, they’re feeding a hunger that’s just going to keep remaining. Their Configuration wants to be doing certain things in this life. It already has natural talents and gifts but you’re not working with those a lot of the time, so you do other things for energy, but there’s still just never enough energy.

Humans are built to have stunning, off the charts, crazy amounts of energy, so if you don’t have that, it means you’re not tapping into it. In fact if you’re tapping into it, the first thing is usually, “WHOA!!!” Not, “Is there enough?” It’s supposed to be “Whoa,” so if you’re not saying, “Woah, I have almost too much!” then you’re not tapping into it correctly. That energy comes from the heroic connection with yourself. Once you know how you’re configured, you realize that you’re awesome and that you were built to basically be a hero of a certain kind of story and from that moment on, that story is happening to you. You realize it’s happening to you and you’re built to win it. You have the gifts to win at that heroic story and keep getting win after win after win. Heroic winning is where the energy comes from.

Increased Influence and Attractiveness

We’ll mention later the flaws in models like the Laws of Attraction. When you apply Mojo Reading to your life, you’ll be influential and likeable. It’s simple, go look up Dale Carnegie, the man was a genius. You need to a) be in a good place yourself, and b) really want to know what is going on in another person and have a good energy exchange with them. If you do that, you’re about 85% toward any success because those are the two most difficult things to do, but if you can accomplish them you’re pretty much there.

When you have more energy, especially from your own heroic journey, you’ll feel better and therefore you’ll treat your fellow humans better. You’ll be able to see their gifts and appreciate them even though they are different from yours. Similar to observing, “That’s a tiger and I’m a rhino, but that’s a cool tiger!” When two people are both thinking they’re supposed to be exactly the same thing, they’re going to not like each other because they keep expecting the one to be like the other, and they’re not. That’s not going to happen and it’s not supposed to happen. We’re built to be a harmonious collective, but we are all individuals, so we’re supposed to be specialists and have our own ways while still getting along harmoniously and productively.

Increased Confidence

When you get a lot of energy, you’re going to get a lot of confidence. To elaborate on that, it’s the Power Flows. Each of these Eight Powers you possess has a sequence to them and like an instrument you can pluck the chords. We can teach you what they are, we can show you how to do that, and we can tell you when that’s occurring in you. From that point on, life is like an adventure and you have a tool set that’s made to work for you, you just have to figure out which tool to grab. With Pod’Lair you’re introduced to your tool set.

A major reason why people don’t have confidence is that they have no tools. Most people walk around not really understanding what makes them work, what makes other people work, and what makes situations work, so they feel powerless to affect things. They feel powerless to reach within themselves and come up with the right thing. Once you know how you and everyone else works, you can practically figure out every situation including what dynamic is causing it to occur so that you can play the best way. There are nearly infinite ways you can play a particular Configuration, so knowing your Configuration is not limiting – on the contrary. Most people are playing very small because they are scared, they don’t know what they can do. Once you start knowing how you’re configured, you start knowing what you can do, and that gives you confidence.

Really, it’s not a box, quite the opposite – it’s what we call being a Heroic Pioneer. Every second of every day you keep learning new Powers and tricks you can do, new amazing ways that you are built. We are just so incredibly built and you will keep finding out what your Configuration can do until you check out of here. By the way, we believe in venerating our elders here, if they’re good elders. The West doesn’t do that as much as it should, so we will try to work on that.


Romance is a big one. Obviously you want to focus on internal development and let the romance come from there, but the romance will be better because you’ll know what’s going on, you’ll be able to treat your partner better, and you’ll be able to choose partners better in the first place. Your romantic experience will make for the most growth for both people, with the most energy afterwards, and with being in the most forward position in their lives afterwards. I’m emphasizing romance because that’s what everyone talks about but it applies to career, family, and any other relationship that has a major effect in your life. You will play so much better, you will do better, and life will be better for you.

You will also have better perspective about relationships, that although of course you want to have that connection, you don’t want to rely overly on others, and you would recognize that you have a wholeness to yourself. That realization comes from knowing your unconscious part. You need to know your conscious Configuration very well in order to connect to the unconscious because that is a bit more amorphous, so you need to know the non-amorphous part really well first. In doing so you will tap into your Art, your Unconscious Art, your Unconscious Genius, and you will do things that seem Super Human to you. That is why some humans can do incredible things like produce master works of art or break unprecedented athletic records. They are humans but they can do certain things to such a degree that we almost call them Super Human. Everyone has this within them and it all comes from knowing how your psyche works because knowing how your Mojo works is what operates and propels everything.

Herography over Career

Once you start seeing things this way, you’ll base everything on knowing your Configuration, feeding it, and taking it to its highest level. It’s that simple - what am I, how do I feed it, and how do I take it to its highest level? That deals with knowing what Configuration you have, what Powers you have, the Power Flows within those Powers, your Peak Pathway, your Spirit Forms, etc. It all comes down to one thing - your energy and how you are built to get it. From that point on you are going to find decision making easier and more rewarding, because most of the time when making decisions, most of the hesitancy comes from, "I don't really know what I’m doing, I don't really know what I’m going after, and I don't know what I’m trying to accomplish." Once you can actually break down the components and see what kinds of energies you are trying to achieve, you can go after them and know "I’m getting it!” or “I’m not getting it!" and you can stay on that course or get off that course with much more sureness. You can see whether you are getting the energy you need or not, and the kind of energy you need.

Self Mastery

In learning the Five Gears of Mojo Reading, when you get to the Fifth Gear, you must get to what we call Quasi State - a state of being extremely clear-minded in between the world out here and your unconscious in there. You can feel the vibrations of both, and that is how you do the best reads. It takes time to develop that but it is easiest. Not unlike taking in a work of art - you want to do the same thing. You would go to a museum, stand in front of a painting, and try to reach that state where you are really drinking in that work of art while really listening to how it is affecting you. It’s an artistic spiritual experience. In doing so you will start realizing what throws you off, including your prejudices. Things you didn’t know about yourself will make it difficult for you to read accurately, so as your accuracy increases, so will your knowledge of you, and you will get more enlightened. It’s impossible not to. Most of the misreads people have in the beginning are due to the more concrete things such as not knowing how to recognize what the eye drifts, mouth, and vocal things mean, but that you can learn pretty quickly. It’s still nice work to read people because prejudices, biases, and Memes come in and push that Fifth Gear.

For that reason you must be a masterful person. You must be able to detach and really look at another human like they are just a human like you, which is not as easy as you think. You will have to become enlightened to do that and you will have to keep being enlightened every day. The world teaches you things that are helpful in some ways, like Memes, but these also train you to have biases and every day you have to shake those off so you are able to see clearly. A lot of times you are unaware that that’s necessary because you can’t feel that happening, but if you Mojo read you can. When we’re stressed, we realize, "I can’t read right now, I’m stressed." A lot of people can be stressed for a very long time and not know it, but Mojo reading is like the canary in the mine shaft. The canary is so sensitive to that lethal gas that if the bird has an issue, you know there’s a problem. With Mojo Reading you have to come to a state where you know yourself and what is going on in the environment and with the other person. It makes ignoring stress harder, it makes ignoring repression harder, and it makes holding onto prejudices harder. You simply won’t be able to read accurately if you have prejudices because you won’t be able to see. For example, you may see your Configuration and very near creatures to you in Asian form, in African form, in older form, in younger form, in ideological models that you can’t stand or think are stupid, but you recognize that that is a person configured like you. That’s hard and you have to work on it every day, but that’s a good thing.

Increased Empathy and Compassion

Obviously you’ll understand family and friends better, get more out of the relationship and treat them better, because you’ll develop more empathy and compassion towards your fellow humans. Even with people who are a different Configuration than you, as you get better and better at reading there is no way to not start clearly seeing that all the Configurations work together and were built to be together. All humans are part of your Tribe; it doesn’t matter where you were born or any other factor. All humans are here with you with the same gift from Natural Law. We were given that gift together, so you can’t hate on a portion of the gift and not be hating on yourself. Mojo Reading will help you to see that. Those of you who already know that will just like that about this process, it lets you really embrace that on a daily basis. Just keep touching the other humans out there and realize: me and humanity, we are One.

Increased Enjoyment of Life

Your enjoyment of all things will be increased. This comes from Social Alchemy as you tweak things to get the most out of them, but also your Apparatus. There are multiple ways you could come at an activity, whether that is work related or fun related, and it would affect the pleasure. If a Nyy’xai knows for example that she has very good powers of abstraction but didn’t think of it in that sort of clear way before, as in they have those Powers and can get them whenever they want, then they go different places and realize, I abstracted this and I abstracted this and I abstracted this, and it really empowers you and turns life into a big heroic video game.

Awe in Human Design

The more you read other people and yourself, the more you understand how humans work and how incredible it is. We are clearly the most amazing thing Natural Law ever made. We are the evolution of Natural Law and as far as we know, we are the most advanced, sophisticated, beautiful, powerful evolved thing out there. We need to take responsibility for that and learning to read Mojo is the first step.

Unlocking an Innate Language

Mojo Reading is an invaluable tool that you can take everywhere with you. Once you start learning the basic language of it, it’s like learning any other language. In fact learning this language is better because it’s innate; you actually already knew it but you just forgot it. When you read humans you don't know, or you are unsure of different things, you tend to delve more in. There is a range that people do in going into reading or not reading, it’s almost a muscle and most people have gotten lazy with that muscle because of Memes. A person who does a lot of art appreciation develops a muscle for it and can drink in art deeply for hours or days. It takes concentration of the psyche to do that kind of activity and so this actually increases that. When you learn French, you can practice anywhere there are French speaking people. With Mojo, the cool thing is, once you learn the basics, humans with the different Configurations are everywhere and you can keep practicing everywhere you go. You don't need a book, or a big university, or an institution, or lots of money. You just need to learn the basic languages of it and then everywhere you go, the entire world is your training facility and your playground.

Strength of Pod'Lair Theory: Proof of Concept

Pod'Lair is based on a rock solid Proof of Concept, the evidence for which we are in the process of gathering and presenting to the public. We will go over some of what falls under the general strength of the theory. Pod'Lair has an unprecedented universal human cue language of physiological manifestations that no other model has. We get a lot of emails from people asking about the different models and methodologies out there, and I’m going to start with one thing in particular that will help you all out. Nothing out there can do what this model can do, and our website and publications are going to prove a few things, some of which I’ll be listing here in terms of what we can do.

I’m aware that lots of people have been trying to read people over the course of human history and there are quite a few decent methodologies that people are trying to do, but none of them can do what Pod'Lair’s Five Gears of Mojo Reading can teach you to do, because that language hasn't previously been available for the public. Even though the information has been present all along, that language has not been disseminated. How do we know this? To make it really short and simple for you, if humans were able to do what we are going to be able to train them to do, it would have already been on CNN, on the front of Time magazine, on every news outlet, and so forth. Pod’Lair is going to be. Pod'Lair and what it can do is going to be that big, so when people ask if I’ve checked out this reading thing or that reading thing – no, I really don't feel like checking out all these other models because they need to be checking out Pod’Lair.

There are quite a few things Pod’Lair can do that will have an impact similar to the Theory of Relativity and Darwin's Evolution of Species. When those theories arrived, they were correcting all the work that came before them. Lots of people are attempting to read people and there are many models that try, but if you were going to do that, there are certain maneuvers you should be able to pull off of which no one else can currently do. Why? There is a language, it is universal, it comes from the Configuration of the psyche and that plays itself out in physiological cues. Lots of people are trying to see this and guess at it, but no one has it yet, or they would be able to do certain things. What are those?

Reading Humans at 100% Accuracy

The biggest one is being able to read the Configuration of another human at 100%. There are lots of models that attempt to “type” people or read their “Cognitive Functionality” or whatever they want to call it, but they are unable to, because if they were they would have 100% accuracy at it and they don’t. That doesn't exist, which we’ll get into with some comparisons in the next section. We understand what we can do and the conditions required to do it, which goes largely unaddressed in other models. We can read at 100% accuracy when a person is properly trained and importantly, they are fresh. They need to be clear headed, they cannot be stressed, and they have to be able to be as detached as possible in order to perform the task. They need to be unbiased as when working on investigative cases, which gets into the Art of Reading discussed throughout this book. It can be more challenging to read someone that you know personally or at least have a strong opinion of, for example. Additionally, the ideal amount of exposure is two hours plus of personal interaction, and we can do it with less. Just so you understand, this crushes every other model that is even attempting anything like this. No one else can do that so whether or not those numbers mean anything to you, just know for right now before we get into comparisons that that’s unprecedented and no one else can do that. So, yes, I know there are a lot of models out there but if they could do this, we would know. Seriously, Time magazine would be talking about it – and they will be.

Scrutinizing the Obvious on Any Level

Reading can be done by seeing this visual language in a way that we can point out so that one human can show it to another human who can see it because it’s right there in plain sight. Once you see it, you will see it again in other humans; it’s unmistakable. We can break this down in video footage to 1/30 of a second still frames. At any given still frame we can note multiple cues and these cues clearly indicate the person’s Mojo configuration, their mental configuration, their psyche's configuration. Again, please, this crushes other models. I've seen people on big news programs attempting to analyze the president. I assume that these big agencies like Fox News, CNN, and others hired the best they could, but they were horrible, just absolutely horrible. I'm telling you right now they are nowhere close to dissecting video footage like we are able to do.

Don’t let the two hours ideal for reading someone daunt you. Although anything you do that gives more information makes reading easier, we routinely read with a very low drop in accuracy at 8-10min of video footage, and that is why we accept that minimum for people submitting video to have their Mojo read for free from our Intern Team. Even with 8-10 minutes, the accuracy is still stunningly high - at least 85% plus, more in the 90s between the entire Intern Team, which dwarfs all other competition. We can read even less than that, although we don’t promise this or do this for people but in Research and Development we are training and have the ability that is getting better every day to read at less than 10 minutes, less than a minute, all the way down to a few seconds, all the way down to just pictures. That is how we’ve found and queried a lot of you who are finding our website and publications now. We can look at media anywhere on the web where our students are hanging out - Facebook, YouTube, etc. and we can see you. You can be trained to know that too, so that anywhere you go on the internet, on the news, wherever, you would know exactly the Configuration of who you are looking at.

Speedy and Efficient Training Time

When Pod’Lair first got started, in less than a year I trained students (now Interns) to 85%+ accuracy, and this training time has decreased steadily ever since. We’ll get into some numbers later, but that already crushes every other model. Both the ability to be 100% accurate at all and the speed at which we can train someone to even 85% proficiency is unprecedented, and so is the ability to stop any frame on a video and point out exactly what is going on. That 85% is already powerful and crushing everything in comparison, but what we’re working on now is to improve that ability even further by continuing to develop an online training temple, Shaolin style, to continue to train students better and faster with the goal of getting people proper facilities. At less than one year of Pod’Lair’s official inception, I and four interns have been working on all kinds of projects, our energies have been very dissipated, and we have also not had the proper materials. Because the materials currently in existence have taken such time and energy to develop, this training time can be reduced even more dramatically with what we have planned.

Reading in Any Language

We can read at nearly the same accuracy rate even with the language being non-English or non-native to the person reading. People have tested this by sending in videos in a variety of languages (including our favorite, Esperanto), but we’re reading people based on their physiological cues and not their descriptions of their “personality,” so we have no trouble identifying their Configuration no matter what language it’s expressing itself in.

Impressive Feats of Voice reading

These cues are not just visual, they are also audible, and we are getting to where our accuracy is getting higher on the sound of the voice alone. It would be best left to someone specialized in that, perhaps musicians or someone with that nature, but the point is we can read from voice alone and it’s getting to be Super Human now. People will be able to read configurations at 100% accuracy, not knowing the language, from one picture or the sound on the other end of the phone. That’s impressive.

The Power and Strength of Prediction

No other model can do this. I don't know what their languages are or the various things they’re doing and I really don't care. I’m a highly original person so I've been in my cave doing my thing and what’s going on outside of that doesn’t relate because I have my own Way. I have come to it, not unlike Jung who went to his “special friends” - but that’s his method and I have my own method. Relating to what Einstein did, there is the power to predict. We can identify someone’s Mojo by looking at it (which is a prediction in and of itself) and how that shows what behaviors are going to come, and what cues are going to come. If you can make these predictions, it shows the strength of your theory. The other models we will get into do not have this. I don't care how long they have been around, and I don't care how many adherents they have. It really is irrelevant because they cannot do what I have just said.

Independence of Subjects’ Self Awareness

The person does not need to know themselves in order to be read. In some of the other models you actually have to be really self knowing to guess your Configuration, but most people who want to know this information perhaps don't have that knowledge of themselves or don't trust that, so they need to be able to go to someone else. The problem with all the other models currently on the market is that it’s all guesswork. There is no actual language that specifically means certain manifestations relate to an activity in the brain. Pod’Lair can really read individuals and we are routinely getting people from various other models (personality typology forums that are talking about us) who are dissatisfied with their products. The Mojo Configurations have rough correlations to various personality typologies such as MBTI, Keirsey, Socionics, etc. In that aspect, everyone is guessing at the same thing, the question is who has the answers right? We are correcting their work routinely. Over and over and over again people come in here who have been tested by professionals with expensive examinations - and they are wrong. We have looked at the professionals themselves, and we won’t name names here, but on some of the forums that our students hang out and have fun on, there are people serving as “representative” of a certain Configuration – and are not that Configuration! This is the blind leading the blind. That’s what’s out there right now and that’s the “best” there is to offer.

Seeing Through Roles/Moods/Dishonesty

The person being read does not have to be honest with you. Mojos can have a nearly infinite variation in terms of how they present but you can still see what’s operating underneath the hood, so to speak. A Porsche can be performing certain maneuvers, going through mud, towing things, driving off a ramp, but it’s still a Porsche. It obviously is just what that thing looks like when it’s doing that activity, so there’s really no way to hide. We don't take any reading suggestions or submissions except from people who want to be read, so don’t do that. When you use this skill in life you’ll often be dealing with people in different modes. Say you are in an office where people are not being “themselves” because they are being their “office selves.” This relates to how people take tests because often they are taking the test as their office selves or some other role. Pod’Lair will pass right through that.

People Pools Samples

The Pod’Lair community is in the process of compiling a serious Proof of Concept known as People Pools. If you’re able to read Configurations at 100% percent, to backup the claim that you have read that person and what they are at that 100%, there should already be People Pool Temples out there and there are not. There are 16 Configurations in at least two genders, which means at least 32 Gender Mojos at the simplest (even further for sexual orientation, age, development, etc.) that all the nearly 7 billion people on this planet fall into. There should be a large database of 100% percent pure samples from each of those. I would say a minimum of 1000 - minimum! I’m going for hundreds of thousands and millions all over the world. There should be easily, if you could read at 100%, one thousand people from all over the world. Of each of the 32 gender Mojos, that’s just 32 thousand people from all over the planet, which should already be done and it’s not done, so it’s going to be done by Pod’Lair.

Accurate Celebification

I have seen what the so-called “experts” put out in terms of their reads of celebrities and other notable people. I have read different typology books to see what they have to offer, and reads of their best people are dead wrong. So know that. When you are reading their book, they may have some good things to say but they also really don't know what they are talking about to a large degree because if they could they should be able to read accurately. It doesn’t matter how much you can write down, you should be able to read more accurately and play better. Those are really the only two things that show if you actually know the game of reading another human. That’s what you want to know, how people work and how to interact with them.

A lot of these “experts” mention famous people and get them wrong, and when my students look for more of their famous reads, they can’t get lists for more than like 20 or so, and half of them are dead with no media that you can actually go verify them with, such as a photograph or video. This means that they’re scared. We are not. We are going to be reading every human on this planet who has even an ounce of fame. If they’re on YouTube they can be read. That’s very provocative and there will be a lot of shake ups because I have seen what a lot of people think different famous people are and they are a lot wrong. Very wrong, a majority wrong. Pod’Lair is first going to put together People Pools with non famous people, to clearly demonstrate the power of physiological cues and the different Gender Mojos. Once that’s been done, we will begin doing the celebrities. Every celebrity, every famous person on the planet, politicians, actors, famous scientists, everything. The Shiny Shard section of this publication is just the beginning of this project.

Pod’Lair’s Commitment to Truth

If any of these other models or methodologies could see the language that’s there, they would be able to read at 100% accuracy under the conditions discussed above. If they could do that, there should be Temples consisting of 1000+ of a Gender Mojo, so you could walk down there and see what it’s like to be one of you and ask a whole bunch of you about tricks they know, knowledges they know, wisdoms for you. When you are watching TV and seeing different people from all kinds of ideologies and methodologies and ways of thinking, you should know how their mind works so that you know how to interpret what they are saying to you. What is generating that affects the kind of truth it is - to you, anyway. It even can be a pure truth but as it comes from a person who is very different than you, you will have to translate that for you, because it means something different. That’s not out there right now, because I think most people would like to know that about their politicians, their heroes, and their various icons. It would give more meaning to what they say and what they do. You would understand more how they did it, and you deserve to. Pod’Lair is going to provide that for you. You’re welcome, humanity.

Pod'Lair vs. Other Models: Contextual Comparison

Compared to Pod’Lair, other methodologies such as MBTI, Keirsey, Socionics, and similar models all come at things from a slightly different angle but they are all off and they are all incomplete. Here we will briefly go over a few things to highlight that, to be explored in more detail in the section on Pod’Lair Superiority.


Our Interns can read at 85% plus accuracy, which I’ve already demonstrated with a small team of people in the beta testing phase, and now we’re going public and we’re going to go big. Other models have a 60-85% accuracy rating of their own admission. I would question even that. 85% is the maximum they would really ever provide, but they’re very nervous about even giving 85%. We are not. We’re not nervous at all because it is what it is. 100% accuracy is not just a number, or a different number than a lower number. It’s a different concept altogether. Once you have 100% or very near to it, you have a control, and only with control can you base how accurate something is. If you are guessing what’s in your head onto a test, and the test is then guessing what that means to the test reviewer, where is the litmus test? Where is the control that determines whether or not that test guessed correctly? The only way to achieve that is with forensics, like blood testing or visual cues on an animal that identifies it as having five claws instead of four signifying it’s a different species. Such tests clearly separate which way is correct and what something is. These other methods don’t have that, and so the 60-85% is really just an opinion. First of all it is too low of a number, it’s a made up number. They don’t even know what the accuracy is because they don’t have an external means of verification and Pod’Lair is correcting their work routinely. Just know that, MBTI, Kiersey, and Socionics. We have people from various forums coming in and emailing us what they think they are from their books, and on the forums themselves they are not told that they are not that configuration, so right there: problem.

Training Time

Ten years versus the one year. One year is very short. To give you an idea how short it is, for various personality typology things, they take four years of college, plus four years of shrink school, plus extra training that we’ll call two years. That costs a lot of money for them and then they pass that on to you; the tests that you take in college or career counseling tend to be expensive and they peak at the low end of ours. We consider 85% to be entry level or baseline competence. That’s why we call our Interns competent and why they are allowed to be Interns after less than one year, six months, the time is decreasing rapidly. No one else out there do we consider competent, and I’m considering the Pros of any other model out there after 10 years plus of training.


We are currently reading everyone for free, though we can only read so many because there are only a few of us, but we’re doing it for free and even later on when there will be some charge for it, it will be very small. It’s simply not going to be that difficult to do. We’re going to have a lot of people who can read Mojo and be able do so easily. There’s an effort to it but not anything that would make it a very high expenditure thing. It should be something like buying soap, but with other models you have to get special tests, you have to go to a shrink’s office, you have to get follow ups, etc. and it’s very elaborate. I don’t know why, it should be something you can just go down to the store and get, and Pod’Lair is going to make that possible. Convenience Store Mojo Reading, if you will. You should just be able to go down there and get it.

Reading vs. Typing

We don’t “type” people, we read people, and we will correct you if you use this term to describe what we do. First of all because reading is not a box, and second because these models are not reading, which is why they aren’t accurate. They’re waving their arms around with their eyes closed I suppose. They are simply guessing what that person’s configuration is, so what they’re handing off to you is merely a guess. Then you get to go off and study a book like they did and make your own guesses, but that’s all you’re doing, passing on one guesswork methodology to another. Pod’Lair is not guessing, it is seeing, and there’s a very big difference. When we read you and when we have it, that’s what you are. Of course there is always some margin for error because of some human frailty, but there is a big difference between misreading and misguessing. Misreading happens all the time, it happens in the English language, but when you misread something, it’s very easy to notice that you misread it, and to have other English speaking people notice that you misread it, and it’s very easy to correct. It’s rare that it goes uncorrected. Misguessing, on the other hand, happens all the time. People guess incorrectly all the time and it’s a very inefficient strategy because there is no way to verify and you don’t even know if you got it right. With reading you do. That relates to a beautiful moment that my Interns have all experienced and I look forward to you having as well, which is when you see your Configuration. Literally, you can see it. There is no other model that can pass that on to you. First of all, that’s because we can see it, but then once you start doing it, you’ll be able to see it in the mirror yourself. It’s a really profound experience to see yourself like that. It’s almost like you see yourself for the first time, but it’s been there the whole time.

Complex psychologies

A lot of complex psychologies get “typed” differently based on different times in their life, different moods, different careers. They get typed as different things because they’re guessing, and when you guess you go with what feels right, not what is right. With Pod’Lair, you get read the same way regardless. We’ve had people send in footage purposely trying to subdue themselves or act really outgoing when they’re not, and it doesn’t change anything as far as reading them. It’s just their configuration doing different maneuvers, so when we read a person they “stay” that Configuration. Their Design is what they innately are and twenty years later they’ll still be their Configuration, though hopefully a lot more advanced to drive it and be the pilot of it, but it will still be that Configuration. I can’t tell you how many people come in here from these other models saying, “Yeah, I was typed as this, and then after college I was typed as this, and now I think maybe I’m this, or half of this” – no. First of all you’re not half of this and half of that, you are your Configuration and you have been since birth, and you’ll have it all the way until you leave here to the beyond.

Test Taking Time

We’re only asking for 8-10 minutes of your time. It’s very easy and all you have to do is talk naturally about anything that interests you, as opposed to going to a specific test taking area where usually the “good ones” take a couple hours. Besides the expense you have to take a couple hours out of your time to get “typed” and really focus your mind on “Who am I? What does this question mean to me?” Not with Pod’Lair. Just eight to ten minutes, put the camera on you and talk about whatever. Talk about your day if you wish. That’s it, that’s all it takes.

Partial Incorrect Understandings

The Keirsey model and the MBTI model have a lot of push back and forth with each other, which is silly because there is something called Social Alchemy in which there are about twenty groups that explain the twenty different ways that you can group yourself with other Mojo Configurations based on the one you are. It explains all the other models easily, they’re only concerned with a few groupings, and those few they misunderstand, and the other groupings are wrong. They’re both wrong because those Social Alchemy groupings are there and so are a bunch of others and they all work perfectly together and we’re going to show you how that works.

Dating Services

We’re now getting out of the personality arenas and getting into other things that people have mentioned. There is of course an important romance angle about knowing how you’re configured and how that works with other Configurations. Eharmony and things of that nature are attempting some of the same things as the personality testing models. They’re guessing. They’re just putting a really long questionnaire that, no offense, I’m actually giving it it’s props, really just a very long in-depth conversation with the person. That’s great to a degree but at the end of the day you need to know what Configuration they are and it doesn’t matter if you ask them ten thousand questions. Ten thousand of the best questions. You have to be able to read them. It doesn’t matter what you ask them because it’s what’s operating them that’s putting all the answers out. There are many reasons why a person could answer “b” to question four, many many reasons. Any of the Configurations could answer “b” to question four, the question is why did they do that?


We are going to be able to provide a facility for people to train in, and no one else can do this because if they could, trust me, there would already be summer camps for your kids for this. We’re going to make Temples with thousands of Configurations in one location, who know what their Configurations are and can mentor others of that Configuration, so you can go there for a day, a week, a summer, or any length of time. That’s what we’re planning here. Even the best programs for gifted children, since that’s another thing you’ve heard about, they’re fascinating, learning about the gifts of children. There’s nothing that currently allows for what we can because there would have to be a geek out for it. Trust me, there is no way you could ever have more than a thousand of any of the Gender Mojos together who were all healthy and knew how they worked, and it would not make for a massive fan-based geek out craze. So if you have not heard about 32 Gender Mojos or any other version of that becoming the most popular thing on the planet that everyone on the planet is talking about, then they can’t do it. What we have is going to move this world the way Origin of Species did when it got dropped. It’s that big. If they have anything resembling that, they should already be taking over all the magazines and airwaves as far as what everyone’s talking about, because that’s what’s going to happen here with Pod’Lair and you can be a part of it.

Chinese Face Reading

There are also various more colloquial methodologies that aren’t the more clinical type. Believe it or not I have a lot more respect for them in many ways. The Chinese Face Reading methodology with the three zones and such has more going on than a lot of the more techie ones. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to chase the same game, so Chinese Face Reading, I’m not going to disrespect you, I don’t think you’re any less reputable than the most reputable Western models, however I do hold you to the same standard. Where is my Temple of a thousand plus of each of the Gender Mojos? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? You’ve been around a long time. You’ve been around longer than MBTI, so I’m going to hold you to that. You’re a respectable model, where is that? It should be here already.

Energy Reading

There are so many different kinds of energy reading models I can’t even name them all. Energy comes from your Configuration, which comes from your Mojo. I don’t put down on energy reading, it is cool and my mother is an excellent energy reader, but you have to be a good people reader to be a good energy reader, so again anyone who is an energy reader who can’t read someone at 100 percent, I question how good of an energy reader you are. I don’t know how you could be a face reader, a personality type reader, or anything of that nature and not ultimately be able to read someone’s Configuration at 100% when the language is right there.

Various Ways of Reading

If anyone could do this you would hear about it already. We’re basically going to run our version of an Xavier Institute for the gifted, but for all humans, all ages, all ethnicities, everyone. When you think of reading, most people immediately think of typing, as in personality type. I don’t like that word, it’s an ugly word. Typing is a box. You read people, and it’s an ongoing activity. It’s a life, a Work of Art that you could never appreciate enough. Reading how someone is wired, so to speak, is just one way of reading, and I happen to be very gifted at that. My Mojo has Powers that make it good at doing reading Configurations, but I can truthfully say that there are other kinds of reading that I’m not as naturally gifted at that are equally important, so when I say reading, it encompasses so much more than just how someone is configured.

That’s just one tiny little aspect. I’ll give you a few. For example, when I read for someone’s Configuration, I use more of my Nai because I’m trying to figure out how they work in a system of humans and I detach a great deal. In fact the less I do anything, the better. I should be immobile, I shouldn’t speak, and that Power is good for figuring out Configurations, what people are doing, and Social Alchemy. However, that doesn’t necessarily tell me what to do. I can come forward and start using my Powers of Interpersonal Relations. When I do that, that’s another kind of reading, and with that kind of reading you’re not reading their Configuration because that’s not the important thing. How to dance with them is the important thing. They’re speaking and giving emotions, and you’re reading those and going with them.

The way we teach Mojo Reading teaches you how to identify Configurations at a hundred percent, but it also teaches you how to interact because you can read the changes in their energy. When you read Configuration you’re reading the entire work of art, including how the work of art would like to be interacted with. That’s a kind of reading that is different from how are they configured. I also have my Personal Logic compass. If I read a person and we’re playing a board game, I’m watching the pieces move, I’m watching the dice roll, I’m watching their expressions change, and I’m watching their energy change. That’s a kind of Mojo Reading that’s not related to how they’re configured and not related to how to interact with them but it’s related to the game. I’ve connected Mojo Reading to a game I’m interacting in. In Sports, let’s say you’re grappling or wrestling with someone in what we call bullet time. As their face makes expression changes in microseconds, you can read that. Athletes do it all the time. My grappling students and I do it all the time, however that’s not Configuration reading and if you’re doing Configuration reading in this context, you’re doing the wrong kind of reading for that venue and that activity.

What we teach you is Configuration at 100%, plus at least seven other ways of reading based on the other Pod Powers, and then the Apparatus itself. Each of the 16 Mojo Configurations reads differently. My eight Powers, each of which has its own way of reading, are set together in a special sequence I and others of my kind have. That means I read overall in a certain way, not unlike having a certain kind of violin or other musical instrument. You have to know how to strum the chords based on that particular instrument. Nyy’xai for example can get 100% accuracy and do all those kind of things as well, but they’ll come at it differently and should be trained from the beginning to use their Apparatus, so again there should be a temple of a thousand plus, 100% accurately read Mojos of each gender and each Configuration, and they should all be in there knowing what they’re doing and studying with others. The other models are tedious. There is a lot of studying involved and you can do that if you enjoy studying books, we’re going to have books and publications galore, that’s fine, but we can train you to become an excellent Mojo Reader by hanging out with your friends watching Youtube videos of celebrities you like and your friends and family. Sound fun? That’s the kind of training you need to do to get really good. Anything other than that is just because you feel like doing it.

Total Life Synergy

Mojo Reading is part of Mojo Dojo, but there are seven other Pathways that get into the full scientific understanding of the Cosmos, into spirituality, and into dealing with really every aspect of human existence and understanding. The reading of Mojo fits in there as a nice synergistic part to the whole. It is for that reason that we can read 100%. If you come at it any other way, if you chop it up, if you try to go over and learn it in books, if you don’t connect it with the rest of the way the psyche works, the other processes, and the spiritual experience in the psyche, you won’t be as good as you can be. Even if you read at 100%, if you included the other parts, you’d be even better than that. 100% plus means you can read at 100% using fractions of what other people could, or what you could working with less of your own self mastery.

Laws of Attraction/Artist’s Way/Tarot/Astrology

These are basically ways that people try to figure out what’s going on in the universe and with themselves so that they can play better, get more out of life, and understand it more. Pod’Lair can literally do that, and we can see how it happens. We have a way of quantifying that, which is energy. You’re going to begin getting very used to monitoring the quantity and quality of your energy. That is part of learning to Mojo read, you must do that in order to Mojo Read correctly, and in doing so it’s going to completely change the way you live your life. You will always have that “scent” about you when you do everything and it gives you a map, it gives you a compass, it gives you a way of moving the dynamics in the world, and a way of drinking in all that’s out there for you to play with. It’s meant for you, for your heroic journey. I don’t want to beat up on these other activities too much, but just know when you talk about the Law of Attraction, Tarot, etc., at the end of the day what people are really talking about is they’re talking about luck, they’re talking about karma, they’re talking about destiny, and they’re talking about unseen forces pulling things to them. Hopefully good things and avoiding bad ones. The only way to do that is to know yourself, because then you know what’s going on, and then know the Mojo of others and the Social Alchemy of groups, because that’s what makes everything happen, and then you’d also want to know energy because if you try to go and just attract things to you, it’s very very very unattractive. To go and say I want money, I want this, and I am thinking about it, is so ugly and base, really. If you actually think that’s any strategy for enlightenment or using Super Powers, you’re not very good at this game. What you need to do is you need to be in a better place. Simple as that. And to do that you need to know your Configuration, know how to activate it correctly and put it in proper environments, and make it conducive for Peaking and recharging all it can. Then you’ll have energy, confidence, and mastery. When that happens, yes, you will get a lot of things attracting themselves to you. You’ll be a magnet to all kinds of good things because you know what you are, you know your Apparatus, your instrument, and you are cranking up your signal, the good signal, to a degree that most humans will interpret as Super Human. They will because they can’t do that and that’s magnetic. Any time that you can do something that someone else can’t, it’s magnetic because they would like to be able to have that, so trying to be magnetic by wanting something a lot is a lame strategy. Think about that. You’re needy. Why would things come to a needy person? No, they don’t, they come to strong things. More energy brings more energy, that’s just the Law of Nature. You should know this, and with Pod’Lair you will.

Why Pod'Lair is Superior

The models that you currently know of as “Typology” are blind, presumptuous, stagnant, over-simplifying, flawed, and completely unsuitable for even being associated with the understanding of other humans. In their current form, they are actually a step back from not having a theory of understanding fellow humans at all.

One of them.
No exceptions.

The JCFers like to say “Oh we got it right, it is the MBTIers that base their model on misconceptions!”

The Socionists like to say “We are the closest to the original Jungian Model, all others are based on misconceptions!”

And the Keirsey followers like to say “Herp derp I can count to potato!”

But no, they are all flawed, and I will explain why in the walls of text that follow.

But before we get into all of this, I would like to set the stage for you all. There are very important criteria that need to be met in order to have a theory that is not completely useless, that you should all understand. You must understand the concept of Perception, taking in new information to inform your understanding, and Discernment, making sense of that information so that it is harmonious with what Nature is presenting to your Perceptions.

Since the beginning of time, what has always been the primary source of new information about the workings of the universe? Textbooks? The Bible? Really really smart people? No, it is and always has been the Natural Laws of the universe; other humans are only giving their understanding of them, and more often than not, there is a bit of translation error. Natural Law literally sings tales of the cosmic drama that we know of as “reality” to us in a symphony of patterns as huge as changing seasons, volcanoes, solar flares, tornados, black holes, and as tiny as fingernails, amoeba, and a hydrogen atom.

Pop quiz! When the words of humans contradict a phenomenon that Natural Law is displaying, which one always wins the argument? If you said Natural Law, you are correct. Natural Law never lies, it is never wrong, it cannot possibly be wrong. Mistakes come from the humans that attempt to understand these Natural Law phenomena. When humans meet Gravity, they might understand it as “The what-goes-up-must-come-down force” but that is not actually what the phenomenon that we know of as Gravity actually is. That is merely the side of itself that it is showing us at the moment. Try going out into space and see if what comes up must come down still applies. What is “up” anyway?

So does that mean we should never assume or try to understand anything at all because we will always be wrong? No no no, not at all. Even though it is technically true that there will always be more to Natural Law that we are not seeing yet, it is not true that we should just not try and understand it. It means that we should tailor our understanding to be conducive to what we are seeing now and have always been seeing, and remain ever vigilant in our watch of Natural Law unfolding before our eyes, and understand that we must always be ready to update our understanding of these Natural Law phenomena. Because it is not human logic that determines how these phenomena work, human understanding must always come second. Natural Laws are not determined by how humans believe they should work, otherwise the Earth would be flat, with the Sun revolving around it, and we’d probably be riding dragons right now or something (which sounds kind of awesome when I put it like that, but… it is what it is.) Human understanding must always come second to Natural Laws, we must never turn a blind ear to Natural Law, it will never stop talking, and as soon as you think you have heard enough, you will be kicked in the ass with a new revelation.

Truth is not determined by what you believe it should be; it is not under your control.
Truth is not determined by what you want it to be; it doesn’t give a flying fuck about how you feel.
Truth is not determined by what the majority believes in; it is not democratic.
Truth is determined by evidence in support of it; it simply is what it is.

I explain this to you for this reason: There are no Typology Models that are following this extremely crucial principle. I am going to list a lot of the flaws of many Typology Models in this thread, but this fundamental principle is by far the most important. There are some principles that are so massively important that if you screw them up, if you don’t meet that razor-thin criteria, your battleship will sink, your Hindenburg will explode, your train will derail, and your species will go extinct.

This, friends, is one of those principles. So please. Pretty please with sugar on top, do not accuse me of taking the straw man to any of these theories. We are talking about a ship that sank from the get-go; I am just telling you why it happened.

The currently used Typology Models* are not designed to be updatable, expandable, or even provable for that matter. They have no connection to the real Natural Law phenomenon behind human behavior that they are attempting to capture. (*Although I am going to mainly focus on the Jungian related models, I am not excluding any other such as the Big Five from any of this.)

Why is that? I am absolutely riveted to answer that question for you!

Imagine if your understanding of water came only from what an ancient alchemist wrote about it, a long time ago. He described water as being “a tasteless translucent fluid.” If you stuck to that assumption, what would you think Ice is? “It is certainly not a fluid, thus it cannot be water.” What would you think sea water is? “Ewww, it’s all salty, again not water.” What about the ocean? “What part of translucent fluid don’t you understand? I’ve seen the ocean, and it’s fucking blue!”

What is wrong with this picture?

People are being stupid.

Well yes of course they are, but what else is wrong?

It is quite simple really, they predefined the parameters of what the natural phenomenon known as “water” was supposed to be before looking for the phenomenon. They assumed water was no more or no less than the alchemist said it was. Can we blame them? Not really. The alchemist never brought forth any samples of water that could be experimented on, he simply wrote about it to the best of his understanding. But the best of his understanding was not the phenomenon; it was merely the side of it that he saw. So they simply thought that everything that matched those set parameters was water, and everything that did not match those parameters was not water.

Like the Alchemist in my example, Jung really did see a pattern that was actually there, but nobody other than Jung actually knows what pattern of Natural Law to which he is referring. All that the Jungians have to work with are the descriptions he gave, and his assumptions behind how he believed they work. But unfortunately those descriptions are very one-dimensional archetypes, and they do not reveal if it is possible for these phenomena to take on different forms, like water can become ice and still be water. They also don't reveal if it is possible for one Cognitive Configuration to show behavior that could superficially seem a lot like what a person of another Configuration's behavior was predicted by Jung to look like, due to ways they developed.

Humans are like water, we are not limited to one behavioral archetype, we are not limited to one form, we are capable of having a nearly infinite amount of forms while still having the same Cognitive Configuration, but if you are grouping people by single archetypes, then you will create groups of similar archetypes, but they won't all necessarily be the same Cognitive Configuration. In fact, there is a strong possibility that very few of them will be what you thought they were.

Theories do not determine phenomena; it is the other way around.

If you are basing your understanding of humans and Cognitive Configuration solely on what Jung wrote about, then you are limited to just that. You have no way of expanding that understanding, learning more about it, or even correcting his mistakes, which you would be fucking stupid to not assume are there. You will have no way of knowing what is true, what is false, or expanding your understanding. Why? Because you are disconnected from the real Natural Law phenomenon, you are not studying the phenomenon of Natural Law, you are studying some guy’s opinion on it. That means when you actually go out and meet these phenomena, you are going to assume they work exactly like how you understood how Jung understood that they work. You will have no way of really knowing if you are even looking at the same thing he was looking at, which in turn gives you no way of knowing if his speculations were right or wrong to begin with. If you approach the unknown with a box of preset assumptions of what humans are supposed to be, when you are subjected to a phenomenon that is not in your current box of understanding, you will either suppress it, or dismiss it as something that it is not. After all, how can you expect to see a phenomenon if you assume it cannot exist? All you are left with is a blind and stagnant theory, and the masturbatory conjectures of those that were foolish enough to think they could trust something so flawed and incomplete.

Jung technically did not discover anything at all. Did that piss you off? Good, that means the medicine is working. To quote Gloria Steinem: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

I’ll say that again, Jung did not discover anything; that is just a fact that you all must accept. If he did discover something, the skeptical community would not be laughing at him for believing in telepathy and synchronicity; they would be sucking his metaphysical dick. Intuition does not count, anybody can speculate, but none of that is worth a damn thing if you cannot provide evidence in support of your speculations. What you should really be pissed off about is that you are investing your time and energy in a stagnant, directionless model that is destined for obsolescence.

This is where Pod’Lair differs from any mere Typology Model. We set out to understand how humans are wired in a psychological sense, and our method of People Reading adds to and is a departure from other attempts to understand the human psyche in numerous ways. It does not cling desperately to the unproven conjectures of old dead men, or appeals to authority based on faith alone as Typology Models are doing. It is a model that is constantly updating itself as new information constantly reveals itself. Pod’Lair has discovered the link between the Cognitive Functions of the Psyche, and how they physically manifest themselves on a person’s face and body. Pod’Lair’s method of People Reading is based on these physical manifestations, and all of our methodology is physically verifiable and can be objectively demonstrated and observed. We do not just describe how the phenomenon is “supposed” to look like for you; we can show it to you in the infinite forms that it takes on. Perhaps the concept that you can learn a person’s Cognitive Configuration by physically reading them is new to you.

To begin to understand this concept, we should start by asking ourselves, "What is a Cognitive Configuration?" All humans share the Eight Powers (Cognitive Functions) in different sequence and priority, four of which are conscious and physically manifest and four unconscious powers which do not physically manifest. Of the four conscious Powers, the top two most define us, tend to be the most characteristic of our personalities, and result in greater energy and confidence when they are in use. While the third and fourth powers require more energy and effort to use, they are necessary for overall brain development, peaking, and activating the unconscious Powers and beyond. What I just said is a dynamic that never changes, your top two Powers, also known as “Momentum Powers” will always be more stimulating and effortless of energy to use (like running downhill), and your lower two powers, also known as “Modulation Powers” will always be more taxing of energy and require more effort to use (like walking uphill.) It is because of this dynamic that Cognitive Configurations exist in the first place, as they would not if this were not true. There is much more to Human Design than just this, but this is all you need for me to explain one thing: it all comes down to energy. When you are biologically wired to spend your energy or be stimulated in certain ways that are more conducive than other ways, then that shows itself in a physical way.

The Powers of the psyche are also not simply psychological phenomena, as other models may understand them and would assume; they are essentially cognitive bio-hardware, connected to other physical processes of the body, such as the eyes, and even the muscles that control our emotive expression. Therefore when you have conscious access to certain powers of the psyche, then you will have certain physical manifestations that cannot be faked or masked, as only certain Powers in certain Configurations give off certain distinctive signals. In the way that you either have conscious control over certain functions or you don’t, you simply will either manifest physiological cues of these Powers or you will not. You cannot possibly fake being yourself, it is impossible to not be who you are. You cannot suppress one side of yourself without showing another, and no matter what side of yourself you show it will always follow an algorithmic pattern that gives indications of your Cognitive Configuration based on the kind of energy that is going into the maneuvers that you are trying to pull off. Our understanding of the Cognitive Configurations are not based on descriptive stereotypes like the Jungian models are, so for example while being outgoing and talking a lot might indicate an Extravert in the Jungian world, it wouldn’t indicate being Objective (which somewhat correlates with the Jungian concept of “extraversion”) in the Pod’Lair world at all. There are certain patterns that a natural Objective gives off that a Subjective simply will not manifest no matter how much of a Chatty-Kathy they are being.

So what is the difference between “typing” a person and “reading” a person? When you type a person, you essentially have marked the end of the journey one would take to understanding said person. Typing a person suggests that all information relevant to a specific individual is already known, and this person can now be written off from any further attempts to understand their world; case closed. Typing a person is a lot like postdiction; you learn enough surface information about the person, such as, they like to go to parties, or they are a mathematician, so you can put a type on them that matches up with what they told you. Then when they want to learn about themselves they go look up their type description for a nice mixture of Forer Effect, and irrelevant information about what they are supposed to be talented at. Do you see a problem with this?

a) A description will not tell you very much about an individual. The MBTI descriptions that you find online or in books are garbage anyway, but even if they were solid, it would still tell you very little about that specific person, it would not tell you how well they are developed, it would not tell you if they are using their abilities in ways that are most conducive to them, etc. You actually need to be reading that person as an ongoing process to get this kind of information.

b) There is an inherent problem with typing a person simply based on what they say they are good at doing, or what they think of themselves for that matter. Because first of all, despite popular MBTI assumption, your own opinion of how you work is not a very reliable opinion at all. And secondly, being good at something, or even liking to do certain things does not mean you are configured a certain way. For example, being a connoisseur of fine foods does not make you a Vyy Alpha (or what you might call an “Se dominant”), it might not even mean you have Vyy as a conscious power at all. It might even mean you have Vyy as a Polar Power (corresponds roughly in theory with what you might call “inferior”), and have taken on a certain fetish relationship with it and fine dining.

c) There are many many times where an individual will think they are configured a certain way that is not conducive to how they are actually wired at all. This is caused by things like Stress Lock, Keening, and over-Modulating. Not everyone is a healthy version of their Cognitive Configuration, and these are not rare cases at all. There are times where a person must be told that they are not “Playing their character right”, and that is a truth that nobody wants to be faced with. In fact, if you tried to tell them, they might just fight you on it tooth and nail. This is why you need an objective standard, which is what you get with People Reading. You need something that you can show a person that automatically settles all debate, and settles your uncertainty. It is really hard to know you are right about something without any objective confirmation. The truth is what it is even if people don’t like it, and the Typology Models are set up in such a way where everyone is supposed to be happy with how they are developed and with how they are living their lives. Sorry folks but that is just plain naïve.

d) Speaking of Objectivity, there are no objective standards for the personality types in the Jungian models anyway, only abstract and theoretical descriptions of what they are supposed to be like. What you end up with is everyone who practices MBTI or any other Jungian model having their own subjective idea of what a personality type is like. I see you guys constantly debating about what ESTPs are like or INFJs are like, and first of all, you guys don’t actually know how to accurately identify these creatures in the first place, and secondly most of you are just using individual cases, (ie: “Well my friend is an ESTP and they blah blah blah”) as if one person, with their individual development, with their individual lifestyle, with their individual gender, with their individual culture, speaks for an entire Cognitive Configuration. But the trend that you really see happening is that those that follow the Jungian models project their own perceptions of “the good guys and the bad guys” onto different personality types. Humans, when they are strong, healthy, happy, and shining humans are cool and easy to be around no matter what Cognitive Configuration they are. There are none of them that are universally bad, in any way. Similarly, when humans are not so healthy or in a good place in their lives, can be very hard to be around no matter what Cognitive Configuration they are. But then in the MBTI and Jungian circles you see stereotypes such as “ENTJs are all manipulative and greedy and power hungry,” which in turn makes you think everyone you meet who is manipulative or obnoxious is an ENTJ. This is COMPLETE BULLSHIT, PEOPLE!

e) MBTI, as well as all other Jungian models, does not teach people how to clean the bias off their viewing lens. Say you are a Nai’xyy (which in theory alone correlates with INFJ) and you meet another Nai’xyy that you absolutely hate for various reasons. Maybe they are racist, homophobic, manipulative, or just plain have bad character. You are going to find it very hard to conclude that you share the same Cognitive Configuration as this person. It is like saying that this person is playing on your team, and you are not going to do that. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you feel about it, if it is the truth. You need to have a certain level of maturity and self-discipline to be able to meet this kind of truth head on, and not pass this person off as a different Configuration as you, one that you don’t like. While Jungian Typology does not give you this option, self-discipline is an integral part of the Pod’Lair’s Five Gears of People Reading methodology. Pod'Lair practitioners closely examine how we are being impacted by the person we are reading, and then explore why that is. Identifying a person's Cognitive Configuration should mark the beginning of your journey to understanding them, honoring their innate gifts and abilities in their full glory. Knowing a person’s Cognitive Configuration should be your starting point and from this point one can manifest as an individual in an infinite amount of possible ways. People reading is not just the best way to achieve this, it is the ONLY way to achieve this, nothing else is sufficient. People Reading will tell you not just what Cognitive Configuration a person is, but how that person has developed, and their particular way they use their Cognitive Functions, if that person is Peaking or if they are Stress Locked, and many other things in very little time.

Now then, let’s get into the nitty gritty of some of the individual Jungian Models…

MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator)

The biggest folly of MBTI is an assumption that you would take for granted as soon as you take an MBTI test:

It is the assumption that humans are even capable of assessing themselves in the first place.

I really don’t know where you guys get this, because MBTI champions the concept that “only you can truly know what your MBTI type is.” However, it is not claimed anywhere in the original Jungian model that people are supposed to be able to assess themselves more accurately than anyone else, and even if it was claimed, there is no evidence to back up that claim. It is just something that MBTIers hold tight to, for the most part for emotional reasons “HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW ME!!! ARGG!!” Perhaps you do know yourself, and perhaps you don’t, however the problem with this kind of thinking is that whether you know yourself or not is irrelevant, your Cognitive Configuration is not up to you to decide. It is no more up to you to decide what your blood type is up for you to decide. Remember, the Cognitive Configuration is a biological phenomenon; it is not just something you make up on your own. MBTI also portrays their personality types as really one-dimensional archetypes. For example INFJs are supposed to all be timid new-agey book store owners, or self-help counselors, and INTJs are all supposed to be silent engineers hell-bent on making a doomsday device and taking over the world, ISTPs are all supposed to be either mechanics or 1980’s action movie badasses. ENFPs are all a bunch of party girls (even when they are guys) without a care in the world, and INTPs get to be geniuses by default.

There is actually a lot of inherent Classism, Sexism, Careerism, and even sometimes Racism behind how people are typed in MBTI, and even the other Jungian Models. For example, if you meet a scientist, what are you going to automatically think? NT of some kind, right? What about a sports player? A Sensor of some kind, no? Look, just because Keirsey was dumb enough to name ISFPs “the artists” does not mean every single artist on the planet is now automagically an ISFP.

Let’s think about that for a second. Archeologists estimate that humans have been on this planet for about 200,000 years, let’s just assume this is correct. What were NTs before science existed? What were INTPs during the Hunter-Gatherer periods of human civilization? Were they the no-nonsense academics and intelligentsia of their tribes?

All Cognitive Configurations are designed with two Momentum Powers, which will seem much closer to the conscious mind (kind of like being in the foreground) and be easier, and more energy efficient to use, as well as two Modulation Powers which will seem like they are further in the background of the conscious psyche. Using them will be more taxing of energy, and will feel a bit like “reaching over”. What is important to understand though is that all four are conscious Powers. Sometimes people are a little disassociated from their Modulation powers when they have not developed a very strong conscious connection to one or both of them. But being on the Modulation side of your psyche does not mean that they are Powers that one will always disassociate themselves from, they are and always will be important Powers of your psyche. Similarly, a person will not necessarily always associate themselves with both of their Momentum Powers, simply because they are on the near side of their psyche. MBTI and even JCF and Socionics assumes every person of every personality type is going to associate most with their Dominant and Secondary functions (Which theoretically would be equivalent to the Momentum Powers: Source and Tandem), but this is not true at all. It all comes down to development; over-Modulation and Stress Lock are an example of developmental factors that can cause a person to disassociate themselves from one or both of their Momentum powers. As a matter of fact, almost the entire INTP Forum (http://intpforum.com) is made up of Nai’xyy (roughly correlates in theory with INFJ) that are over-modulating their Xyy (roughly correlates in theory with Fe) with their Zai (roughly correlates in theory with Ti), this is just what the data shows, and it is not by any means just a coincidence. Many of them who have been read by Pod’Lair Interns were ready to accept this truth, but most of the rest are not. It can be extremely hard for a person to willingly come to terms with the fact that they are not a normal version of the Cognitive Configuration that they think they are, but a different Cognitive Configuration that is not using their functions effectively or efficiently, and it would be foolish to expect them to.

NF and NT… okay so far so good, and then SJ and SP… Shouldn’t that be ST and SF? But then he continues on to act like he did just use a consistent math by saying things like “The Artisans are observant and pragmatic, the Guardians are observant and cooperative, the Idealists are introspective and cooperative, and the Rationals are introspective and pragmatic.” Why does being a T make the Rationals Pragmatic, when being a P makes Artisans Pragmatic? That makes no sense at all… There are many ways that you can group humans together, and in Pod’Lair we use twenty Social Alchemy groupings. Keirsey is using two different ways to group people, but he is acting like he is using one, and he is basing his assumptions on behavior and romantic relationships off of this poor mathematic. Although in the grand scheme of things he just made one more mistake to pile on to the sea of mistakes that come with approaching the human mind phenomenon with MBTI theory and the incomplete and the incorrect Jungian model. So it is not like he would have saved his theory by having a consistent formula, it would still have been crap in the same way all other models above are crap.

So What Now?

You all want a much deeper theory than you are working with now. I know this because I see your forums, and I see the answers you seek. You want to know things like, how do you go about developing yourself, and which Cognitive Configuration is the best romantic partnership for yours, for instance. But with the current path you are on, there can be no answer for these questions. The common answer for the question of romantic partnerships that you will find in MBTI and JCF circles is that there are no ideal matches for any Configuration, but that is not true at all, there actually is, but because of the fact that MBTI and the other Jungian models have no way of discovering new information, they cannot answer any complex questions. That, and because of the fact that the Jungian models have no accurate way to type people, there is no theory for self development or ideal partnerships that can work, because very few people actually are what they think they are.

Even the MRI scan research that some facilities are trying to apply to MBTI is a dead end. Because of the fact that they believe the cognitive functions are something they are not, they are approaching their research expecting the phenomenon they are supposed to be looking for to be something that it actually isn’t, so it just blind research and irrelevant data they are collecting, which is why nothing substantial is coming out of it. Again, that is just what happens when you approach the unknown with a mind full of assumptions.

So now that you are aware of this, what will you do? Will you stay on your current path knowing that it is a hamster wheel that will not and cannot take you anywhere? Or you can join us in Pod’Lair and see just how far this rabbit hole goes.

Your call.

Pod'Lair Proclamation:

Intentions, Implications, and Applications

The Arrival of a Game Changer

The way humanity currently conducts itself is unsustainable.

Everything from social structure to business, relationships to self care, spirituality to politics, along with every other sphere of human activity, all need a massive overhaul.

What if there was a heroic and attainable game changer?

If a game changer were to emerge that could illuminate the path to enlightenment and scientific advancement, and this path is superior to all others, shouldn't we be pushing it forward?

This game changer exists.

* There is a math to the way the human psyche is designed.

* It has been discovered that humans are “wired” differently, and that their innate physiological cues communicates this wiring, which in turn is picked up consciously or unconsciously by others as humans are also “wired” to read these innate physiological cues that they and their fellow humans manifest.

* This means that all humans have evolved to visually read one another’s innate Cognitive Configuration Design.

* Awareness of how the human psyche is configured will improve life understanding and decision making on an individual and collective scale.

* This discovery is simply staggering in its implications. This discovery changes… everything.


If you can visually read someone’s innate Cognitive Design, then you can compare and contrast them and there can be a universal measuring stick for personal development and health.

* Knowledge of how humans are wired can provide an objective standard for how one is performing in life as well as what makes a good person in forensic and scientifically egalitarian terms.

* In other words, there is a way to identify true heroic human merit, independent of such surface considerations as income, social status, ethnicity, gender, and other Meme-based biases.

If you can visually read someone’s innate Cognitive Design, then you can understand why people with different Cognitive Configurations interact with each other the way they do.

* There is a math behind all social dynamics, group interactions and even dialogues within your own mind.

* Understanding this all-pervasive math can help you build stronger and better relationships with others as well as give you the tools you need to help others in this capacity.

If you can visually read someone’s innate Cognitive Design, then you can build societies that honor human individuality, as well as distinctive, evolved roles in the collective.

* Political entities and cultures based on how humans were designed by Natural Law to perform create a stronger, more inclusive community that benefits everyone equally.

* Society needs to be based on a scientific understanding of humans that is complete enough to include the spiritual aspect of humans as well.

If you can visually read someone’s innate Cognitive Design, then you can understand the math underlying the human spiritual experience.

* You will then understand empirically that the unconscious is far from inaccessible.

* As a matter of fact, the interplay between the conscious and unconscious realms is the basis of all spirituality.

* There's a natural way that humans dialogue and otherwise interact with their unconscious, which is the gateway to the spiritual aspect of this human math and is the most effective way to tap into one's innate greatness.

If we as a collective species can visually read each others’ innate Cognitive Design, then we can exchange information worldwide based on this new universal understanding of people, similar to the discovery of human evolution and its ramifications in elevating the global dialogue.

* Any kind of news and journalism from every kind of media form and outlet can and should now reflect the mathematical and forensic truth of human design, performance and existence, which will mean the most cutting edge, real and relevant information for all humans to share and learn from.

Your Guide to Applying this Technology

Reading the Cognitive Configuration Design of your fellow humans is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is virtually no limit to the implications these discoveries have to human life, with corresponding rewards for those who know how to use this knowledge best.

A discovery of this magnitude must be implemented properly in order to most effectively take advantage of the implications to the ongoing global dialogue regarding human existence and advancement.

* Pod'Lair Theory and Brand is designed to guide the applications of this discovery so it may best benefit humanity as a whole, as well as the multitude of systems that support it.

Pod’Lair is in the process of tracking this ever expanding knowledge of human design and thus constantly expanding the understanding of the human experience.

* Pod’Lair uses a mentorship model that will guide you to mastering the People Reading life skill.

* This gives you the tool you need to rise to your maximum potential, by teaching you to see the underlying human math that drives and connects us all.

Pod’Lair is constantly expanding the understanding of best practices for how people successfully function in production processes, whether they be business or personal.

* There are optimal ways of setting up business, community, and life enterprises of all kinds based on this knowledge and these insights that Pod’Lair teaches can help you perfectly calibrate personal spheres such as home, school, or workplace.

* Pod’Lair puts the power of these best practices in your hands.

Pod’Lair is constantly expanding the understanding of how people interact with each other.

* For example, Social encounters cause us to be impacted by groups and brands outside of ourselves.

* Therefore it is necessary to become fluent in the language of your own innate Heroic Story and how it relates to the innate Heroic Stories of others.

* This leads to the ability of productively navigating the social landscape and controlling your own environment and development.

Pod’Lair is constantly expanding the understanding of the scope and implications of known existence, and thus needs to combine forces with all other cutting edge research resources to extend this understanding as far as possible.

* The Cosmos is constantly unfolding, which means that humans need to continually push the boundaries of technology in order to continually answer currently unanswered questions.

* Fluency in the universal Language of Energy comes from relentless scientific inquiry and discovery, which leads to being better prepared to ride the waves of human progression, wisely and boldly approaching tomorrow's new horizons with the best tools available.

Five Levels of Reading

Every human possesses one of Sixteen different innate Cognitive Configuration Designs, or simply Human Designs, as Cognitive Configuration is intrinsic to and the pinnacle of human evolution. These Configurations manifest throughout the human body, expressed in the form of physiological cues. These cues comprise a universal language that all people come built to understand, and Pod’Lair teaches one to reconnect with this native ability. Through learning this innately native language, you can properly study humans as you would an extraordinary animal or exquisite work of art, of which humans are most certain both.

This is done on Five Levels:

At the Component Level, the focus is on the Eight individual Cognitive Functions, which are the smallest components that make up an entire Cognitive Configuration Design.

* In this context, Reading a person is done by zooming in on single physiological cues that indicate the use of one particular Cognitive Function.

* This detailed approach is similar to taking stock of an animal’s individual anatomical parts such as individual claws, or focusing in on the specific brushstrokes of a painting, in order to note specifics that distinguish from other animals or works of other artists.

At the Concrete Level, the focus is on the interplay between two Cognitive Functions, which combine to work together as a compound, which are larger manifestation units that make up an entire Cognitive Configuration Design.

* In this context, Reading a person is done by noting characteristics within an overall Configuration.

* This is similar to identifying combinations of anatomical features such as wings or gills and their use to distinguish what evolutionary group an animal is from, or noting objects in an overall painting such as the hero's sword in a portrait of a Highlander.

At the Tacit level, the focus is on the complete Conflagration of Cues unique to a given Cognitive Configuration Design.

* In this context, Reading a person is done by recognizing the large and complex set of signals only a certain Human Design can give off.

* This is similar to combinations of specific animal features that are only found in the design of certain species, such as the way a cheetah sprints towards its prey, as compared to another large cat.

* Tacit Reading can also be thought of as noting an overall motif in a work of art, such as the battle theme of the previously mentioned Highlander painting.

At the Artistic level, the focus is on signature features that some people with the same base Human Design display, which distinguishes them from others of the same Design.

* In this context, Reading a person is done by picking up on the different habitual patterns, such as cultural upbringing, which sets individuals apart from one another within the same Cognitive Configuration.

* This is similar to specific variations on a species, such as different cultures of killer whales. These same-species predators hunt differently depending on their prey, their environment and the hunting pack they learned their life skills from.

* One could also contextualize the Highlander painting by comparing it to other paintings by the same artist, as well as to the work of other artists with similar, contrasting or otherwise relevant styles.

At the Energetic Level, the focus is on how one’s particular Cognitive Configuration, including nature, nurture and freewill, gives off and receives signals, which are unique to each individual.

* In this context, Reading a person is done by interpreting these signals based on how they impact us.

* This is similar to how a field mouse responds to a cobra versus how a Mongoose responds to that same cobra. Or how a shark responds to fish within its culinary diet versus how it responds to fish that act as cleaners to consume the gunk on its skin. Who can eat who and who can help who is always part of the energetic equation.

* Another element of this lens is taking into account your current energetic needs. This relates crucially for most people in regards to their current levels of stress and fatigue. For example, any animal, including humans, sizes up the difficulty of hunting or foraging in a given scenario differently based on how recently it has eaten and its overall state of health. Likewise, you need to be in the right frame of mind when Reading People. When you are in a self-aware state of mind, you can be cognizant of a painting's, animal’s, or persons’ impact on you, why it impacts you this way, and what that means to you and how you play the game called life.

Proof of Concept

This all sounds quite incredible to be sure, but you must remember that as odd as gravity, flying, space travel, cracking atoms, human evolution, DNA, cellular structure, fingerprinting and other scientific breakthroughs once sounded, they all turned out to be repeatable and predictable observations of Natural Laws. Proof was all that mattered.

Pod’Lair can prove its fantastic-sounding claims with an inexhaustible supply of forensic level Proof-of-Concept, which will now begin to be disseminated to the world at large.

This Proof-of-Concept that Pod’Lair can provide is not just inexhaustible, but also ever increasing in its depth, as well as the speed at which it is being discovered.

* At the time of this publication, Pod’Lair can accurately read different humans’ innate physiological cues to the point of being able to fully notate any 1/30th of a second still frame of video. The math stands, even in less than ideal conditions, and our practitioners have demonstrated their ability to read people given anywhere from two hours of video, to two minutes, to two seconds, to pictures.

* Voices, photos, and even portraits have been used to read and then verified later using video. This means that it is possible to also read from previous eras before the invention of video recording. In laypersons’ terms, this means Pod’Lair can read dead people.

Our practitioners, and their increasing accuracy, are living, breathing, growing evidence of the validity of this phenomenon, as well as the Pod’Lair methodology used to become fluent in it. People from countries all over the world, including the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, China, Denmark, and Latvia have demonstrated the ability to read people independently of one another.

* Pod’Lair continues to spread beyond multinational borders in this way because this phenomenon is universal. Any dedicated person, of any innate human design or cultural life experience, can see and master this innate language of humanity.

Pod’Lair consistently trains practitioners to reach reading accuracy levels of 85% and above, which vastly exceeds the accuracy levels of the current marketplace so-called “experts” in the fields of typology and cognitive functionality. As our accuracy steadily increases, the media required for a firm Cognitive Configuration confirmation and the learning curve it takes to train people to reach 85% reading accuracy are both simultaneously decreasing.

* Initial students went from beginner level to 85% accuracy in two years, and now training time to achieve that same level of proficiency has decreased to just 6 months. With the greater range of educational materials and facilities that the Pod’Lair brand has planned, the time and effort it takes to reach basic proficiency will decrease even more.

At this time, the Pod’Lair Case Study Team has read over 10,000 people and counting, including the most renowned celebrities on the planet of every age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and many other variables.

* No matter which variable we investigate, the math of this universal human phenomenon works out the same, which is that all humans are part of an evolved species matrix of specialized Cognitive Configuration Designs. Every human has one of these designs that is innate to them, and these human designs can be read by anyone trained to connect the physiological manifestations to the nature that’s powering them.

After many years of research and development, the Pod’Lair Theory and Brand is now ready to begin sharing its research results to the public. The world as the world knows it has now changed forever. The basic truths of enlightened and educated individuals will need to be updated.

Humans live on a round planet, not a flat one. Humans are evolved primates. Humans have distinct blood types. Humans have distinct DNA. Humans have distinct fingerprints. Humans have innate and distinct Cognitive Configuration Designs. And now you know.

Pod’Lair Model vs. Other Models

Never before has a model existed that can provide this kind of accuracy and Proof of Concept in regards to reading people and their innate nature. While some models pretend to be able to provide quality products and competent services in this regard, no so-called “authority” in the fields of Cognitive Functionality, Neurolinguistic Programming, or Face Reading has come close to these levels of insight, accuracy and Proof-of-Concept.

This is how the so-called “experts” stack up to Pod’Lair:

Cognitive Function and Personality Typology theories, such as MBTI and Keirsey, have no objective standard by which to measure their accuracy levels. Thus, they are mere pet theories founded on subjective opinion questionnaires. Such models claim 65-80% accuracy but they have been measured to be merely 20-35% accurate with the rigorous and impartial critique that is provided by the Pod’Lair methodology.

* In contrast, Pod’Lair is based on empirically observable forensic evidence that outside parties can verify independently, as this phenomenon expresses universally across all demographics, and any trained person can note it.

Methodologies such as Neural Linguistic Programming, Socionics, and other typology models can't see the forest for the trees as they attempt to physiologically read people in conjunction with questionnaires. These models are highly inaccurate and inconsistent in their readings, as there is a flawed relationship between the irrelevant physiological cues they think they are noting, and actual cognitive functionality.

* Similarly, government and big business-level attempts, such as polygraph machines, the work of Jonathan Niednagel and Paul Eckman, and methodologies popularized in such shows as Lie To Me are rudimentary, inaccurate, and misleading. These so-called “experts” assume all humans have the same Cognitive Design, which is demonstrably false.

It takes 10+ years of extensive and expensive training to be considered an “expert” in these rival models. Being trained to become an expert in these rival models often means having less accuracy than someone who has not trained at all. And this is if the person to be read is willing to truthfully fill out a long questionnaire and visit for several sessions of psychological consultation and observation.

* Compare this archaic, crude, ineffectual training with the speed, ease, and low cost of Pod’Lair. Which one gives you the most “bang for your buck” and rather than giving you distracting and often harmful mental masturbation, puts a real life-skill at your disposal? The answer is of course Pod’Lair. Pod’Lair is bringing a great gift to the world, and in doing so is making these other models obsolete.

Facial recognition technology is tracking what is commonly thought to be the most state-of-the-art human biometrics, but these are still rudimentary and inaccurate as they do not account for Pod’Lair research regarding the evolved intelligence of human beings in general and innate Cognitive Configuration Designs in particular.

Facial recognition technology at its highest levels is really a specialty discipline within the scientific fields of artificial intelligence and the mapping of the human mind. In both cases, without the methodologies Pod’Lair has created and the data samples Pod’Lair has collected, they are just floundering in the dark, and will be coming to Pod’Lair for help in taking their work to the next level.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

This is unprecedented research that presents to the world an unprecedented opportunity to get unprecedented rewards, especially for those who have the foresight to get on board at these early stages.

A first benefit of this methodology is an increased knowledge and relationship with yourself and your personal development. When you know the design of the ship you are piloting, you can better fulfill its purpose, give it the maintenance it requires, and optimize it for all the adventures life has in store.

* Whether you are behind the curve, on the curve, or ahead of the curve, nothing can super-charge your development faster than Pod’Lair Theory & Brand. From sports to academics to relationships, you will do everything smarter, stronger, faster, and better.

A second benefit of this methodology is an increased understanding of your romantic needs and therefore better relationships with romantic partners. The single most important element for super-charging yourself is your relationship to your Unconscious Genius, which is directly related to your romantic choices.

* Through Pod’Lair you will better know how to find and choose an ideal mate and how to gain the maximum rewards of that relationship. How valuable does that sound to you? It should sound invaluable because it is.

A third benefit of this methodology is an increased knowledge of shared spaces, helping you to better create an ideal life for your self, your family, your children, and your community, as maximizing quality of life in a society, or any environment, is directly related to one’s understanding of Natural Law.

* Knowing that everything from your home layout to what media you watch is all directly related to the Cognitive Configurations of yourself and others, leads to creating the most enjoyable life possible including reaching your maximum potential.

A fourth benefit of this methodology is an increased command of relationships with your colleagues and better performance in your professional life in general, including any projects or productions you would like to see succeed.

* Understanding the math underlying humans as producers and how productions happen will make you the master of idea implementation at work or at anything you endeavor to do.

A fifth benefit of this methodology is a fuller picture of reality in the world around you and therefore a better relationship with existence. Consider how much money, value, and power are comprised in fields such as psychology, biology, sociology, archaeology, anthropology, zoology, marketing, diplomacy, politics, mass communications, brain mapping, just to name a few.

Pod’Lair is going to combine and dwarf all current fields of study that relate to human understanding, which in the end is every field. Everything that has ever been written about human existence will have to be rewritten based on this new discovery.

What Does This Mean?

This all means that you exist in a different world than you thought you did.

As more and more people become aware of what the game of life really is and how to play it, you will need to be able to make your way, with admirable distinction, amongst your fellow players. By joining Pod’Lair and lending yourself to its efforts you will be simultaneously developing yourself into a hero and the best player you can be in the game of life.

* You’ll want to begin testing yourself with the Compare and Contrast Challenge in order to unlock your ability to see the patterns.

* You’ll want to send in a video of yourself to be analyzed by our team of qualified readers so you can start uncovering the all-important Story of You and Humanity that has been going on all along.

* You’ll want to dedicate yourself to becoming the best you can be using your Cognitive Configuration, and becoming an ever-learning expert about your way.

* You’ll want to learn to love your whole self through becoming a proper partner to your Unconscious Genius. This is done in order to recognize, honor, and empower it within yourself first and therefore in its manifestations in the real world, such as with your Significant Other and the inspirational dance you share.

* You’ll want to know your entire innate heroic story, including connecting the ever-unfolding adventure of your life with the tapestry of stories that make up the larger Story of Humanity. Reporting on this and other universal phenomena, that have always been there, needs to be the foundation of journalism in the world.

* You’ll want to connect yourself to others around the globe who have also taken up the Heroic Cause. Empower yourself by joining other heroes to create communities and a quality of life that allows everyone’s innate stories to flow through to their intended greatness.

Join Pod’Lair now to contribute to the heroic efforts of bringing the story of yourself and other humans to light, for all the world to see.

Prepare to be shocked, surprised, delighted, weirded out, fascinated, fulfilled, and enlightened!

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