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Overview of The Pod'Lair Mandala
Pod'Lair is an Omnitheory in which Everything is understood as Energy Evolving; this is the most current scientific thought. To be able to understand any concept in its entirety requires a Mandala. The Pod'Lair Mandala consists of Four Languages of Eight Pathways with Five Major Disciplines.

The individual as instrument of Scientific and Spiritual observation must acknowledge viewing everything from the perspective of both the Universal and the Personal. Thus the Eight Pathways address the Universal and Personal perspectives of the Four Languages.

Language of Mojo
Mojo refers to the distinct Cognitive Configuration Design innate to a given human, how it underlies everything humans do and how it relates to the physiological cues that manifest as a result, a phenomenon present throughout human history, including pre-civilization before humans could communicate verbally. The Language of Mojo includes the Pathways of Mojo Dojo (Universal Pathway) and Mojo Mentorship (Personal Pathway).

Mojo Dojo Pathway

The Mojo Dojo Pathway is the Universal Pathway for the Language of Mojo. This pathway is focused on Mojo Reading of yourself and others, in order to understand how Mojos interact with one another in Social Alchemy. This is the objective study of Mojo, as it applies to the relationships within the Human Matrix.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Mojo Dojo Pathway are:

1) Human Design - The unconscious and conscious understandings (Spirit Forms) that one has in their psyche, come from their cognitive processes and the unique way these are designed that we call Mojo. Human Design is the study of the particular relationships that take place in the way the Human psyche is designed. Because the particular relationships and Powers, which are the variables in these equations, are finite, there are only sixteen different ways that the processes can fit into the design. These are the Sixteen Mojos.

2) Peak Pathways - The design itself is focused initially on the four conscious Powers, but to fully operate your system you need to understand how to turn on all of your Powers. You start from your near conscious Powers to your far conscious Powers and then use that as a ramp to build up to touching your unconscious Powers, returning with all the gifts that those give you back to your conscious Powers where you can decide where to go next.

3) Social Alchemy - Your conscious effect is affected by your unconscious, the background, or Peaking, which in turn is affected by the bubble around you. Other humans are sending out signals from their various processes that affect yours, creating a complex algorithm. It is in fact a kind of human people math that teaches you how to understand and therefore how to navigate and manipulate it for positive advantage.

4) Human Matrix - Each individual alchemy that you may find yourself in came from one evolved intelligence. The entire Human Collective is operating on the same system, which is why you can go from one group of humans to another and see the same motifs enacting because it is the same math. If a tiny portion of the entire math of the Human Matrix interacted on an island and grew to be a larger people, all of the other Mojos, facets, and motifs that were not present before would come to be because the programming is there. Similar to DNA, every human is carrying around the entire game system, which is how each individual person knows how to act. The Social Alchemies all come from the One Game System which is the Human Matrix.

5) Five Gears of Mojo Reading - Once you understand the game system, you can begin seeing what is “under the hood” by stripping away the facades of cultural Memes and registering what is happening at an innate cognitive level. The First Gear of Mojo reading deals with the basic powers being shown on the face. Gear Two deals with actual fields, or multiple powers being used. Gear Three is the cue conflagrations, or combinations of signals that can only be emanating from a particular design. Fourth Gear Riffs involve recognizing signature patterns, such as mannerisms or gestures indicative of the way a person’s mind is working. You can see this in two people of the same Mojo despite radically different cultures or anatomy; it is the same design doing a particular maneuver. Fifth Gear is recognizing that you are the Apparatus that is doing the reading and must constantly calibrate yourself and keep yourself at equilibrium in order to have accurate readings. It is the recognition that you have a very sensitive Apparatus, requiring constant upkeep for your lens to remain clean, which is essential.

Those that practice the Mojo Dojo Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Mojoists.

Mojo Mentorship Pathway

The Mojo Mentorship Pathway is the Personal Pathway for the Language of Mojo. This pathway is focused on the study of your specific kind of Mojo, as it relates to your personal progress in career, relationships, self-development and stress management. This is the subjective study of your Mojo, as it applies to your role and special place within the Human Matrix.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Mojo Mentorship Pathway are:

1) Momentum / Learning & CareerThis deals primarily with your top two Powers and making sure they are turned up in whatever you are doing, with an emphasis on careers and learning. Anything you attempt to learn in any field, whether it be academic, or for profit, or for pleasure, you need to know how you do things, how you take in information, and how you make decisions. No matter what your career is, it needs to line up with your Powers being turned on. An occupation could have many different outcomes; how it plays out specifically is determined by how it relates to your Powers. Though a certain career may be beneficial for a certain Mojo, you have to understand how - what specifically about it is turning on your top two Powers. If a certain version of a certain career is not doing this, then there is a problem. What is key is how to turn on your top two Powers and keep them on.

2) Modulation / Keening & StresslockIt is essential to know how to rein in your top two Powers. Modulation causes stress on the system, which is Keening. The individual Mojos begin to have shut-down mechanisms designed for self-protection and energy conservation. These are healthy to a point, but over the long term they can shut the system down in a way that is damaging, temporarily or permanently, which is known as Stress Lock.

3) Inspiration / Romance & Artistic InfluencesPowers can be turned on by another power through Inspiration. A Power itself can be willed on or engage in activities that are pleasing to it, but it can also experience a magnetic pull to its corresponding Inspiration Power. All of the Powers have one in the other Eight that rewards it for doing its job heroically. When done correctly, it receives an energetic reward, not from its own Pod Power, but from another Pod Power as a gift for this heroic job well done. You want to know how to turn that on, as you are built with the best drug ever in you, which is inspiration, and you have it in you to do that. This relates to romantic relationships and media influences as you want to make sure those in your life are very conducive to you being inspired.

4) Involuntary Relationships / Family & Assigned CoworkersThe math is designed so that all humans have an ideal energetic relationship and way of operating for any given dynamic or Social Alchemy grouping. You want to keep making wise choices as best as you can in life to make sure those relationships are conducive, but you never know what life is going to throw at you. As with family or assigned coworkers for example, you need to be able to take the most bliss and joy out of any opportunity, and the way to know that is to know the math of any given situation so you can tweak the algorithm to make the relationship everything it can be.

5) Herography / Extracurricular Activities & SpiritualityPart of being a hero means constantly doing system checks or reboots to ensure that everything is where it needs to be, and to see if any updating needs to be done. Extracurricular activities and Spirituality are areas where people tend to catch things that they are not catching elsewhere. As such they are very good indications of what is missing in a person’s life. What tends to come up in your Extracurricular activities and Spiritual activities needs to be incorporated into the overall mix. Herography is there to ensure that these are not missed, so you are having fun on all of the individual aspects but the big picture is never lost.

Those that practice the Mojo Mentorship Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Mentorers.

Language of Memes:

Memes are a language of knowledges learned in a lifetime that are not innate but instead added to the innate languages of the Psyche in a similar way that software is added to the operating system of a CPU. The Language of Memes includes the Pathways of Pod’Lair Productions (Universal Pathway) and Outpost Organizing (Personal Pathway).

Pod'Lair Productions Pathway

The Pod'Lair Productions Pathway is the Universal Pathway for the Language of Memes. This pathway is focused on the study of how humans work best together in the projects of life. This is the objective understanding of how humans have evolved to work together in harmony to dream up and make manifest any project whether it be recreational, entrepreneurial, scientific, artistic and/or spiritual.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Pod'Lair Productions Pathway are:

1) Concept of Productive HarmonyHumans are designed to be an immensely successful collective species, but if we get in our own way, there is no way for us to reach our top potential. If we work the way we were designed to, humans can surmount any obstacle and come out on the other end with a Shiny Heroic Halo. In order to do that, there needs to be an acceptance that you were built to be a Hero, and that you were built to work with a Tribe of Heroes. “It takes a village…” is an appropriate analogy here.

2) Change FlowPart of how Change Flow works involves understanding the difference in peoples’ tolerance of risk or speculative guesswork, and conversely their tolerance for detail work and repetition. All humans have the capacity for both, but there is a mathematical relationship between the two. It is fundamental to work in a smooth mathematic transition, otherwise there can be a great deal of resentment, bottlenecking or jam-ups in the flow. This occurs when people fail to understand that there is a flow to it, and when they mistake their native position in it for THE flow of things. Everyone possesses innately a portion of the Change Flow, they are a part of that, and the “assembly line” actually requires all of the humans to do properly.

3) Mojo JournalismA new media or new audience creates a new form of journalism. Once people become aware of Mojo and Synomnia in themselves and others, there becomes a desire to receive these enriched information layers at all times because there is a definite lack when it is not present. Mojo Journalism fills that gap. As humans constantly understand more than what they were previously taking in, that it is possible to read a person’s Mojo and level of development, they will want that information. Transparency is central to Mojo Journalism, as any time anything affects another human significantly, one should be aware of it because that is a relevant story. Mojo Journalism intends to capture all current journalisms, but also factors that are affecting people’s lives that they are currently unaware of, particularly Mojo and Social Alchemy, so that they can be made aware of it.

4) Production Flow LinesChange Flow is the theory of how things works based on Innate Human Designs. Productive enterprises in the world we live in, such as making movies or starting businesses, are things that have Change Flow in them, through applying Change Flow in different ways in different industries. Four stages of Change Flow might be broken down into twenty-five different stages of a production, or fifty-seven stages for a business plan, or there could be a series of several cycles of Change Flow, and so forth. The Production Line concerns how to interpret and use our innate Change Flow technology in variants within industries that currently exist.

5) Product PitchingProduct Pitching concerns how to communicate a given product, which in the beginning is you. Yourself, your family, and your name are all products that you need to be able to communicate in order to give them definition and value. You must be able to make product lines in order to create something in the way that humans work, but after you have created something, you need to be able to communicate it in the way that humans are designed to understand things, so that other humans are able to take what is in your mind into their mind as a defined thing, in the valuation that you have given to it.

Those that practice the Pod’Lair Productions Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Producers.

Outpost Organizing Pathway

The Outpost Organizing Pathway is the Personal Pathway for the Language of Memes. This pathway is focused on the study of the energy system of the Human Matrix. This is the Subjective understanding of the Human Matrix as a system of energy, in order to understand how best to design an intentional community in harmony with Natural Law.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Outpost Organizing Pathway are:

1) Personal BubbleYour Personal Bubble involves creating the Character of You and presenting yourself to the world. By presenting a bubble within yourself and projecting it outward so that you are the heroic character that you want to be, the world sees you and understands that is you. Thus you have a solid energetic representation of what is in your mind’s eye, being projected out in such a way that the environment can feel it and be positively affected by the heroic energy that you bring. You don’t appear flat - you come with energy, which is important.

2) Home/Lair BubbleYou can generate energy from within, but as you generate that energy, it encounters the Bubble of your home and responds to it. Much like a creature in the womb reaches out consciously to get nutrients, it needs to be a conducive womb for the creature to get what it needs. This sounds simpler than it is because in many ways humans have stepped away from their Bubble being an essential part of their harmonious existence, having been told what to do by Bubbles that are already in place. The individual comes with a Bubble that should be strong and proud, and you should be aware when it is being impinged on. Your home should not impinge on you. As other animals know how to have a fox den or bear den, so you need to become aware of how you den as a human.

3) PIC Community BubbleThe Community is the village that surrounds your Home Bubble, containing all other people and industries that you interact with in your immediate locale. If you are not in a Heroic Village, you need to make it a Heroic Village, or you need to leave, or you need to understand that you are an embassy of heroism in a nonconductive land. Since the latter is the current situation and you are making your own Bubble and controlling your lair as best you can, you are hopefully walking out into a conducive village in order to extend that Bubble. If not, you need to know how to extend it outward, how to leave and find a place where you can, or how to barricade yourself until that can happen, but you cannot ignore ambient energies in your area. No one is immune to this; if the environment is negative around your home, you are under attack, so you need to do the heroic thing and either change it into a positive environment or move to one.

4) PICN Network BubbleThe Pod’Lair Intentional Community can be thought of as a college where everyone has agreed to form such an entity so that a higher goal can be achieved. Everyone in the village having agreed to this principle allows for more freedom for learning in another Bubble. The Community Network is the connection of one campus of likeminded principles to another campus of likeminded principles, so that infusions of new things from outside can still enter, but without being toxic to you. This can be likened to various universities within a system.

5) Bubble Abroad - When out in the wild, in places that are not of likeminded principles, it is still possible to interact with the environment positively without losing your own Bubble. There is an art and science to being a student of one university while going to another culture to engage in projects on your own. While in this environment that is not linked into your university’s system, you are presenting yourself as a nonnative. Sometimes your Bubble is the foreign Bubble coming in from outside and so you have to know how to be a proper tourist, to treat others honorably while at the same time ensuring that you and the Bubbles that you have established are also being treated honorably.

Those who practice the Outpost Organizing Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Organizers.

Language of Spirit Forms
Spirit Forms refers to the Unconscious Genius that every human has. The unconscious portions of the psyche often present themselves as autonomous entities that when dialogued with improves a human's understanding and performance in any endeavor, be it artistic, scientific, athletic, etc. The Language of Spirit Forms includes the Pathways of Spirit Ambassador (Universal Pathway) and Temple of Spirits (Personal Pathway).

Spirit Ambassador Pathway

The Spirit Ambassador Pathway is the Universal Pathway for the Language of Spirit Forms. This pathway is focused on the study of the complex clusters of Mojo energies called Spirit Forms that underlie all human recreation, strategy, science, art, culture, history, ideology and spirituality as humans understand it. This is the objective study of Spirit Forms with the goal of finding the universal connections in all of the Human Matrix and Natural Law.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Spirit Ambassador Pathway are:

1) Infinite MysteryThis is the study of how to make oneself a proper instrument. As Carl Sagan puts it, Science, scientific exploration, and understanding are not just information, but a way of being, a way of approaching things. One of the fundamental parts of that is curiosity, an acceptance of “I do not know everything, but that makes me hungry to know everything I can.” If you think that there is just one answer, that stops the exploration, and engenders a fear of the Unknown. You must embrace the Unknown as a bringer of new knowledge for you, or you are going to fear it. Of these two options, Pod’Lair embraces it as Heroic Pioneers. We want to know what is coming next, and we accept that there will always be something coming next. We are humble in that we will always have Infinite Mystery, but we are proud that we are the furthest the universe has taken understanding that we are aware of. We are the highest form of understanding we are aware of in the Cosmos, so we are humble and we are proud.

2) CosmosPod’Lair is all about how one approaches other humans, that’s how one goes through life. As we approach other humans, we come at them first of all from Infinite Mystery. In this way all humans can bond as there is always something that humans understand - no matter what the greatest understanding is, there is still Infinite Mystery. If humans can accept this they will be at their highest and on the same page. If they do not (which is the current situation), then there will be argument. Only through an acceptance that there is always going to be Infinite Mystery and that is wonderful, can there be some sort of wonderful consensus. That goes down to the Cosmos; there is One Universe and everything occurring is taking place in One Universe. Every natural thing, every supernatural thing, every scientific or spiritual thing that is going on is taking place in this universe or places this universe goes to. Being one contiguous thing, everyone is operating on a level playing field as a human, and no one has any special rights to it, other than all humans are the highest form of being energetically we are aware of. The Cosmos made us, and so we are all children of the Cosmos.

3) Gaia – We are all children of Gaia, all part of One Planet. We approach everyone and everything with the understanding that everything we do affects all other humans on this planet because we are all on one very large island together, as Gaia is an island in the ocean of the Cosmos. We honor that on your distant shores you are part of Gaia and what we do affects you, but on your distant shores what you do affects us as well. We both honor other people and expect that honor back.

4) Tribe of HumanityWe are One Species and all humans are created equal. We share One Design, we evolved together, and therefore to hate any portion of it is to hate yourself. We demand equal love for humans because we are all equally heroic, we were made by Natural Law, we are the best thing going, and we were meant to do it together. Natural Law does not like it when we don’t do it that way. Humanity is within Gaia, Gaia is within the Cosmos, the Cosmos is within Natural Law, and this all came to be where we are now. To attempt to tell the Human Collective, Gaia, Cosmos, and everything above it what to do is the height of arrogance.

5) Humans as HeroesWe treat everyone as Heroes because the Human Collective is designed to be heroic. In light of other collective species, humans are the most involved, evolved intelligence that we know of. Thinking of it as a sort of metaphysical programming, animals such as deer and wolves know what they are and how to be, and are good or heroic at being what they are. Humans are the most enlightened and evolved but have lost our way as far as recognizing the great things we were built to do as a species individually and together. Fear can cause emergency programming despite the fact that other models may argue that it is the norm. According to Pod’Lair, everyone is meant to be a Hero and needs to be given the opportunity to reach their heroic potential – everyone deserves that and we expect that. We don’t accept anything except that everyone is a Hero trying to grow, which is the premise of our programming, and what we were built to do. If we are unable to try to find heroic outreaches in every way possible to thrive and bloom, it is because the environment is interfering. The programming has evolved to be like this and we are the best thing going.

Those that practice the Spirit Ambassador Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Ambassadors.

Temple of Spirits Pathway
The Temple of Spirits Pathway is the Personal Pathway for the Language of Spirit Forms. This pathway is focused on the study of the Spirit Forms of your personal Mojo in order to dialogue with them honorably and productively. This is the subjective experience of communing with your highest inner resources from the unconscious of your Mojo, through which you are connected with the entire Human Matrix.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Temple of Spirits Pathway are:

1) Apparatus/Mah’zuteWhat you think of as you is the Apparatus, but you have to understand that this is only a small part of your psyche. There are characters you play such as in work, family, etc., that are separate from the “You” that you hold in your mind’s eye as you. The study of this mind’s eye view of yourself and the conscious alterations you make in that to the outside is the first discipline of this pathway. There are rituals associated with the Apparatus and Mah’zute, which are Enactment, Separation, Intention, and Authority.

2) Subconscious/Dar’yuIn the degrees of unconscious dialogue, the Dar’yu is at the lower end, or what we call the Subconscious. It tends to relate with aspects of yourself that are more difficult for you and therefore get pushed to the grayer areas of your mind. The rituals associated with the Dar’yu are Confusion, Fear, Rage, and Resolution.

3) Unconscious/UthurYour Uthur is your Unconscious Inspirational Genius, which is in the mid- area of unconscious dialogue. It is above the more negative or unpleasant rituals of the Dar’yu, and it transports you up to your highest self. The rituals associated with the Uthur are Longing, Passion, Challenge, and Inspiration. Of the eight different processes mentioned earlier in the Scientific Spirituality Index, it relates to the ones that are more unconscious to you and seem foreign to you, but wonderful. Wonderful but foreign is the Uthur.

4) Story of You/Fu’MastaThis is the highest dialogue you can have; it is actually you in your masterful form, with your Powers under your command and at your disposal, both conscious and unconscious. The rituals associated with the Fu’Masta are Greatness, Purification, Recognition, and Anointment.

5) Shiny Baby/Mergings - The dialogue between the Mah’zute and the Apparatus are more what occurs on a daily basis when one is thinking thoughts to oneself and telling oneself what to do. The Dar’yu, Uthur, and Fu’Masta are more deep unconscious dialogue, in which it is still possible to have a dream-like rapport with them, where you are speaking in a sense. Above that you are returning to your true self and that is a way of speaking that cannot be articulated in a way that you can hold in your conscious or even your unconscious mind, it is simply the pure love of returning to you. There is no thinking it. You were made with pure love, you were made to be perfect for what you were destined to be as the hero, and now you are simply returning to the womb of that story, a story built entirely around you. You are basically returning to your factory settings and recognizing and bathing in all the Evolution that brought you to where you are now. Even the deep unconscious, the artistic mind, can’t fathom that, you are simply returning to The All. There are no rituals at this stage but you can continue returning from what we call the Shiny Baby, into the Human Collective, into Gaia, into Cosmos, because that’s where it came from, and you are returning to the Source. First, the Source of You as in the Shiny Baby, the All of your story, but then the All of the Tribe your story comes from, and then the All of the entire planet that made that Tribe of species, and then the whole Cosmos that contains that. It all is contiguously evolved to you, one grand story that you are going back to, back to the womb, back to where the story of humans and their heroic journey came from.

Those that practice the Temple of Spirits Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Channelers.

Language of Natural Law
Natural Law refers to One Universe that is unfolding, how that works, and our continual attempt to understand what that means. The Language of Natural Law includes the Pathways of Energy Evolving (Universal Pathway) and Ritual Requirements (Personal Pathway).

Energy Evolution Pathway
The Energy Evolution Pathway is the Universal Pathway for the Language of Natural Law. This Pathway is focused on the study of the Energy Continuum, as the lens through which all current and future understanding of Natural Law can be seen. This is the objective study of the systems of the Cosmos as Energy Evolving, of which the Human Matrix is one.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Energy Evolution Pathway are:

1) Premise that Everything Is Energy EvolvingThis is the only way to incorporate all of the aspects of understanding because when you bring in the Scientific and the Spiritual, there is really only one quantity or element that works in everything, which is energy. Energy’s “state of being” is that it is constantly evolving. Though we know little of what occurred before the Big Bang (in fact there may not have even been time), modern scientific research and Membrane Theory seem to indicate that something was trending energetically before the Big Bang that created this universe. Everything we know of the energy going to the Big Bang is that it was evolving and got to where it is now, and that this universe will end at some point, but “It,” Energy Evolving, will not end. That was always happening, it is happening now, and it includes everything that we have now in this universe. When this universe ends or goes into some other dimension or whatever is at the other end of the black hole, there will just be Energy Evolving, even if that other dimension doesn’t have time or space. It will still be some kind of energy, anti- or otherwise.

2) Yang/Yin PhilosophyEverything seems to have some sort of opposite (gravity and lift, cold and hot, etc.). To break it down, there seems to be an infinite set of Ones and Zeros, of Yes’s or No’s. There is a very mathematical, almost computer programming quality to the universe. This mathematical programming correlation is different from traditional Yin and Yang. Everything in Nature, in Energy Evolving, is affected by something else, which affects something else and so on, thus the Yang comes before the Yin. In short we are a “One,” so it is very important that we exist because otherwise, how are we asking any questions?

3) Four Languages of UnderstandingThe Four Languages of Understanding are Memes, Mojo, Spirit Forms, and Natural Law, which are very distinct ways of understanding Existence and Everything, but they do relate. Based on Everything is Energy Evolving, the binary flows of Ones and Zeros relate to one another because “One” has meaning because of “Zero” and “Zero” has meaning because of “One.” Though the Four Languages seem very different, they all inform one another.

4) Understanding ContinuumThis is the concept that we are working with altered states because there is no set state of view. The Gears of Understanding exist along a Continuum including Component, Concrete, Tacit, Artistic, and Spiritual. One is always in a state of learning, understanding, and interacting that falls on either a more concrete way or a more tacit way of interacting with yourself and the environment. From your perspective, whichever you prefer seems like the more “normal” state as compared to the other Gears of Understanding that are more different from your more native part of the Continuum. All humans are designed to use all five Gears of Understanding, or the Understanding Continuum, because that is the way the human mind is designed to process information and understanding.

5) Scientific Spirituality Index - This is the idea that there are processes of the psyche that are taking place that are quantified and registered in a context with the others. This is important because some processes and experiences of the psyche are more accepted or validated as existing or not, and it is the final premise before you get into the rest of the theory that these processes must be recognized in other humans and yourself, otherwise you will misunderstand what is going on. There are the Five Senses, Memories, Personal Logic, Collective Values, Personal Values, Abstraction, and Speculation. All eight of those exist and are real, but they are more or less difficult to quantify or validate.

Those who practice the Energy Evolution Pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Evolutionists.

Ritual Requirements Pathway
The Ritual Requirements Pathway is the Personal Pathway for the Language of Natural Law. This pathway is focused on the study of how every endeavor an individual undertakes is really a form of ritual. This is the subjective understanding of how to ritualize any and every endeavor in your life, from the most mundane to the most profound in order to optimize the effort.

The Five Major Disciplines of the Ritual Requirements Pathway are:

1) Your Setting/Setting Yourself - The concept that you must first “Know Thyself,” based on several facets in Pod’Lair theory which include your Mojo, Spirit Forms, Memes that you’ve been raised by, and that you evolved by Natural Law. Those are the four main fundamentals of knowing yourself: 1) that you were evolved by Natural Law to get here, 2) the Mojo Language, 3) the Meme Language, 4) the Spirit Form Language, and finally, what your particular way of understanding that is, because it is unique to different humans and you need to know that to know what your instrument is.

2) The Scene Setting/Setting the Scene - Next is to know your world. Pod’Lair will have a more comprehensive understanding of what there is to be inquired about in a scientific or explorative sense, but with that increased context our way of going about it is very much the Scientific Method, which includes rigorously assessing your environment based on instruments. Pod’Lair is going to introduce some new instruments to allow humans to read things that they didn’t know were there. In Setting the Scene, you’ll learn to know the climate of the room and how one changes the climate in order to affect their environment, etc. Pod’Lair strives to have the most comprehensive understanding of what makes up the environment for the human, and how one affects it.

3) Playlisting/Media Infusions - There is some truth to the old saying “you are what you eat;” you are partially what you eat, energetically. In addition to your natural way, you also have what you’re feeding into yourself, both ambiently by the scene and in more focused ways, including Playlisting. Even if you are in a scene that you don’t like and aren’t currently allowed to control, you do always control your setting, and what you pipe into it. If you can find a way to Playlist in a less than ideal scene, you can have a tremendous amount of control over it through more input, information, and discernment. This discipline explores this interplay between environment and intentioned input through Playlisting, which is very valuable.

4) Role Playing/Rehearsal - As a human you will need to enact and experiment through trial and error in a safe zone (X-Men Danger Room or Star Trek Holododeck if you will), which is considered Role Playing. You need a place to try on different characters that you have within yourself, and try on playing in different ways without this necessary learning experience getting you in trouble. Role Playing is crucial because in order to do any given ritual well, you need to enact it in at least some form prior, even if it’s partial, because it will make your performance of rituals that you really care about so much greater.

5) Summoning Yourself for High Energy Moments - As a human, you need to be ready to go, in simplest terms, ready to live and ready to die because that’s all there really is for you to do. While you are living you need to grow constantly and you need to prepare for when you will not be able to grow anymore in this lifetime, and must continue on in some other form. The ability to do this, to handle loss in the greatest context possible for yourself and your Spirits, and to be able to appreciate the great moments, allows you to have all of you that you can summon. You don’t ever want to think “what if.” What if I had just been more there, more geared up, if I brought more of me to the table? There is an art and discipline to Summoning Yourself for High Energy Moments.

Those that practice this pathway are called (Pod’Lair) Ritualists.

Heroic Real Life Role Playing Game (HRLRPG)
Pod'Lair is a Heroic Real Life Role Playing Game (HRLRPG); we were built to be heroes in the Game called existence and the question is not if you're playing the game or not, the question is how well. Each of the Eight Pathways is designed to take human understanding (Personal and Universal) to new vistas constantly. As humans we must embrace being a Heroic Pioneer in all endeavors.

Pod'Lair Theory with its Eight Pathways acts as a compass for life that makes you aware of unlimited and ever expanding vistas inwardly and outwardly available to you. As a Heroic Pioneer it is your purpose to take charge of your Heroic Story and to make it as great as you can for yourself and in the process, for the betterment of humankind.

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