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You'll get the most out of Pod’Lair Planet by getting your Mojo read, so if you have not yet done so, go here. Bring yourself up to speed with the many Episodes and materials on our site. Join the community and get connected with us on the Forums, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and share us with your friends. If you have what it takes to join the inside track to fun Heroic Adventure, there are several positions that Heroic Pioneers can help out with:

Branding & PICN Expansion

Pod’Lair is the newest most awesome brand on the scene, but because it is new there will need to be an extensive educating of the public as to what the brand is and stands for. This will involve positioning ourselves as the greatest purveyor of Natural Law on the planet, and to entice others to the value of learning this universal Language above all others.

Reading Ritual Team

This is an essential part of Pod’Lair’s Proof of Concept (POC). We will demonstrate that different people from around the world can see this phenomenon independently. Initially when creating scientific data the community at large will have to pay attention to, the demo team will need to show off the phenomenon under highly skeptical scrutiny, stress, and public venues. Careers that are likely to have developed the Mojo reading muscle to a degree as a byproduct include: Casting Directors, Sales Reps, Teachers, Psychologists, Portrait Artists, Caricaturists, Human Subject Photographers, Competitive One-on-One Solo Sports, Negotiators, Interrogators, Interviewers, Poker Players, Mentalists, and similar disciplines.

Art & Architecture

Pod’Lair uses Synomnia to teach. Synomnia has as many ways of interfacing with humans as there are artistic mediums and ways of expressing and receiving expression. Pod’Lair intends to use them all and pioneer new fields of expression with the higher understanding it brings into play. Social Alchemy Bubbles include the structures and the ambient surroundings you occupy and so Pod’Lair intends to create a complete bubble experience including the right kinds of Mojo interaction with people, buildings, and landscaping.

Mojo Mentorship

Pod’Lair uses the Mentorship Model and is looking to create groups of individuals who are of the right Mojo and degree of development and commitment to helping others learn about themselves and the rest of humanity. This is a great responsibility and honor that requires serous training of your own self development and discovery before being put in such a position and then from that moment on the expectation is continued growth and development because you can only teach and guide as far as you’ve gone yourself.


Pod’Lair theory and its various disciplines have advantageous application in a host of fields. The plan is to train a team of representatives dedicated to making the demographics and Bubbles of the public aware that these things are on offer in these bubbles to those who would have a particular interest in them. This work requires continued outgoing activities and engagements with much time spent creating and sustaining valuable relationships for the Pod’Lair bubble to outside bubbles whose field of study or industry could partner up with Pod’Lair for heroic projects and products.

Mojo Journalism

A new media or new audience creates a new form of Journalism. Once people become aware of Mojo and Synomnia in themselves and others, there becomes a desire to receive these enriched information layers at all times because there is a definite lack when it is not present. Mojo Journalism fills that gap. As humans constantly understand more than what they were previously taking in, that it is possible to read a person’s Mojo and level of development, they will want that information. Transparency is central to Mojo Journalism, as any time anything affects another human significantly, one should be aware of it because that is a relevant story. Mojo Journalism intends to capture all current Journalisms, but also factors that are affecting people’s lives that they are currently unaware of, particularly Mojo and Social Alchemy, so that they can be made aware of it. Pod’Lair will have need of large numbers of Mojo Journalists to break these important stories to the world, and additionally anecdotal stories as evidence of the Pod'Lair Lifestyle from people who have been moved and impacted by it.


Pod’Lair has a lot of work to do and one of the first things is simply presenting evidence of the phenomenon. By the nature of the hypothesis being stated, this POC requires willing human participants to be the subjects of the POC display, so we are recruiting people for our living fossils collection.

Recruiters will need to interact with many people and explain the benefits Pod’Lair brand has for people in general and Mojo in particular, requiring the ability to read not just Mojo but quality of development to see if they are people we want to include in the noble experiment we’re running.

Fund Raising

With the recognition that there are specific Mojo demographics, this also simultaneously highlights the poor circumstances of neglect and abuse of their Mojo’s gifts, a form of rampant Mojo metaphysical poverty, so similar to other outreach programs, Pod’Lair will work to gain donations from people moved by the stories of the various Mojos’ Social Alchemy groups and their situations in the world.


Pod’Lair is a new entity, at this point a personal team research project, but as Pod’Lair expands it will move into all sorts of bubbles such as professional business, social group demographics, spiritual way advocacy groups, extensive patrons of the futures for various Mojos, and more. All of these require having the correct legal structures and steps taken in order to be a new Model and new People that is compliant with the laws of the land. It is important to note that this also includes fierce advocacy in changing laws of the land that the Pod’Lair theory sees as being incorrect interpretations of Natural Law. 


Pod’Lair will also go through many forms of being For Profit and also Non-Profit variants of the Pod’Lair cause. In either and all circumstances in between, the use of scrupulous principles in dealing with financial matters is to be a hallmark of Pod’Lair brand and its members. As with all the aspects of Pod’Lair theory this interface with the world will be done so that Pod’Lair is always using and pioneering best practices in their field.

Business Development

Additionally best practices and scrupulous principles of business will be used, as Pod’Lair can take any business model that is currently working with inferior understanding of Natural Law that is available and create businesses that address the needs and wants of that consumer better. This will begin with emphasis on social entrepreneurship projects but will eventually move into every kind of marketplace there is. Initially the team will focus on Business Plan Construction and Implementation, and Systemic Project Pushing.

Tech Development

Pod’Lair is creating an internet presence that allows for anyone around the world who has access to it to be able to have the most interactive, immersive and empowering experience possible that the digital medium can provide. This technical side of things is an essential component of the Synomnia experience that Pod’Lair is providing for its constituents.


There are a great many projects and media productions that need to come out and a back log for vlogs, TV shows, books, seminars, and more. With this wealth of material and the Pod’Lair brand’s insistence on excellence, there is a need for a great many editors to act as captains for these artistic ventures before they can get into the water.

Organizing, Campaigning, Event Coordinating

Pod’Lair will be organizing local grassroots events and outreach programs, retreats, charity, child care, and similar events and functions. Those who have abilities in this area will take it to a new level as they learn to organize human life with the superior understanding that Pod’Lair brings into play with such things as Mojo, Social Alchemy, Change Flow, and other areas. Organizational Management is needed in a wide variety of programs from children’s workshops to local Temple administration to new product rollout campaigns.  

Researching & Brainstorming

Pod’Lair theory and its various disciplines touch on all goings on in the world and so there will be a need for those who wish to scout out what are the best opportunities unfolding for Pod’Lair to take advantage of as new technologies and cultural trends trend from moment to moment.

Initial Education, Presentation, Material Generation, Curation

Pod’Lair has a lot of information to convey as quickly as possible and will have need of educators and people familiar with the education process of different age groups and challenges, for the development of new programs and software to make the transfer of this new information as smooth and fast as possible.

Gaming & Promoting

A pronounced aspect of the educational model in Pod’Lair theory is the use of game play to learn important life skills. Pod’Lair theory will be putting its key principles and ways of understanding existence into every kind of playable medium available and inventing new ones. Anyone who enjoys creating games and/or play testing games will want to check this out.  


Production Assistant

The Pod’Lair Planet show is going to lay down the core theory in a universal fashion and then Coach will also continue on getting into specifics for the Nai’xyy and Nai’xyy male. This is the flagship series of what will become an extensive network of shows, all of which require editing, visual effects, and music/sound work. Pod’Lair Productions will launch new series as interest and volunteer staff become available.

Debate, Forum Moderation, Experimentation, Compare & Contrasting

Pod’Lair theory touches on the ground of every other theory that is attempted to explain existence or any facet of it. For this reason there will be a need for great depth of explanation and, if necessary, debate for those who are coming from other models of thought. These people will understandably want to know how Pod’Lair’s higher understanding informs and contextualizes on the life wisdoms they’ve been working with so far. Many people will have a hard time with the implications of Pod’Lair and how the other models stack up to Pod’Lair in Compare-and-Contrasts. This will be an ongoing task that will require great powers of logical clarity and educating forms of expression that are designed to help people who can’t or simply don’t want to understand and accept truths of Natural Law. This is noble work but it is the noble work of dealing with a lot of flak :)

Virtual Village Curation

Pod’Lair is going to begin by reading the Mojo Configurations of 10,000 of the most famous and relevant people. From there the intention is to keep going and read all the famous people that there is any media on with a focus on the areas where the speakers are using languages that our readers know. This isn’t necessary but it is ideal. Eventually when we get readers from all over the world we will want to get to where we are reading deep into demographics of every region of the planet. These can be cross referenced using the most sophisticated way of looking at humans that have ever been made available. This is an immense project that will take an ever increasing number of staff and degree of technology to make sure that things are up to date, accurate and easily accessible.

Healing & Detox

For many people, once they have come to a conceptual or intellectual acceptance of the various truths that Pod’Lair highlights, there is still the process of coming to terms with it in a personal, interpersonal, and emotional way. Pod’Lair theory trains humans how to realize and maximize their heroic potential. In many cases, due to life experiences and the Meme baggage that goes with that, there often needs to be a period of detoxing and coming out of Victim/Villain Mode before one can continue the trajectory into heroic waters. This is noble but very taxing work that takes great spirit and heart to be able to help fellow humans get through the ugly rough parts of the enlightenment journey and heroic metamorphosis process.


The Heroes’ Call

We welcome heroes who have the talent, desire, motivation, commitment, inspiration, and drive to join this heroic adventure with us!

- The Pod’Lair Team

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