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Nai'xyy Thomas 'Coach' Chenault

Founder, Pod'Lair Theory and Brand

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Leadership & Pod'Lair Planet Production

Xai'nyy Xailyyne Morgado 

Mojo Reading Department Coordinator, Virtual Village Curator, Business Operations

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Zai'nyy Adymus Rock

Synomnia Sound Department Coordinator, Forum Moderator, HRLRPG Games, Campaigning

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A Herography is what everyone should put forward about themselves as it is about their Mojo Spirit Forms (a person's innate gifts) and how they were built as opposed to the Memes of Biography and Resume. It includes the moment you were born and everything succeeding up to this present time. It includes all sub-careers and sub-adventures you have partaken in during your life's journey. It comes from the Natural Law of you extending out to the Natural Law of all other remaining Energy Evolving. This understanding goes from Concrete to Tacit making up main 3 elements:

Power Flows are instruments that work in unison like a orchestra in concert or individual notes on an instrument played to create a chord. It is your working organ found within the mind.

Peak Pathways: The psyche contains a pantheon of Spirit Forms, archetypal programs designed to grab our attention and motivate us in various ways to function optimally, evolve constantly, and peak in every endeavor. They are the innate human configuration of closed circuits, how we naturally generate energy and let it circulate in a pathway.

Spirit Forms include the Component, Concrete, Tacit, Autistic, and Spiritual forms which are part of the Tacit Continuum. With all of these in play, the Herography is a lens of understanding that combines these distinct ways of knowing oneself and other truths beyond immediate review. Pod'Lair use their Herography as the lens through which they understand themselves and how they measure in every conceivable aspect.

 Nai'xyy Coach' Herography

As I assigned a point basic Herography to my crew, I best put something forward myself. Here is an introduction to myself for my fellow Pod’Lairs.

1) Waking Up in THIS World

Born a Nai’xyy //(:+:) I have not found this world very conducive to my deep thinking. This world always interrupts me from contacting and learning from my native world of Nai (//), my inner imagination. Didn’t know it at the time but I had a powerful drive to understand this world we live in and make sense of it in relation to the world of my Nai (//).

Didn’t understand that my intense anger at having my deep thoughts interrupted was unusual. Being a minority Caucasian in Baltimore City, much of my sense of psychic loneliness and being ‘odd’ was attributed to this early in my life. However this feeling of being odd by virtue of looking at things differently than others continued in different situations, times and places.

2) Meet the Folks and Formal Education

Learned about being a Nai’xyy //(:+:) from my parents who are both Nai’xyy //(:+:). They taught me many good lessons about how to be a Nai’xyy //(:+:) instinctually but there were also many things that they did not understand about their own natures. My older sister is Vai’xyy \\(:+:) and younger sister is Xyy’vai :+:(\\). I love them but we do not speak the same language.

Pod’Lair theory began to take in a more intentional way as a counter-point to the models of thought being put forward vigorously by all of my Directive Mojo family. We didn’t have the most money but I was sent to a private school in order to give me a leg up in life. Unfortunately school didn’t interest me very much although my mind was ravenous before I knew of formal schooling and after.

3) Adventures Blur Together

After school I am told I did a variety of things some of which I remember and some I don’t. Amnesia periods of several years exist at this point. My psyche informs me that this was needed to avoid unneeded pain and also to make room for more philosophizing. My psyche wanted to think about nothing but what I thought was ‘fantasies’ of my mind. Well they are fantasies but they come from my Spirit Forms (as it does for all humans) and great ‘knowings’ were embedded in them. I was only aware of portions of this as I also glimpsed pieces here and there as I had my ‘visioning time’.

Also, my early feelings of being a feral creature different fundamentally and radically from others accentuated my kind's natural propensity for secrecy. The greatness of the thoughts I was working at this time would have surprised me if anyone had been allowed to see what I was working on and had told me. One friend who was with me through much of this time (although I hid my mind from him as well) was a Zai’vyy =(**) who I became friends with during school. We had many Shades of Me adventures together.

4) Philosophy Leaks Out

During all of this I needed various ‘covers’ to be able to go about my intense philosophizing and metaphysical detective work. Humans tend to get annoyed at other humans who waste their time doing this and don’t do practical things. As much as possible I tried to do things that would allow me to continue to be a seeker while getting hassled by the world as little as possible. The world and I had not gotten off on a good foot and I had met only a handful of people along the way that I felt some closeness to and let down some of my extensive guard.

My Spirit Forms keep information from me and I keep information from everyone else. Every fiber of my being is secretive due to our (my spirits and I) distrust of humans and their typical ignorance. Started a small grappling martial arts school with some of the skills I had learned along my travels. It was a good cover for my secret identity as a relentless seeker of enlightenment. While teaching my top two students and one of their fathers, aspects of Pod’Lair theory leaked out while discussing the style we were practicing.

5) Pod’Lair Is Here!

Once I found people I could talk with and understand the Pod’Lair theory that was woven into everything I did, it became addictive. My Spirit Forms demanded that we put the theory out for the world to see. This went against all my experiences and protocols so far in life. It had so far been all about keeping a very small crew around me of people I could trust and keep my private thoughts deeply hidden from all others. Even those I trusted I would share very little with.

My Spirit Forms demanded more of me. I wasn’t being heroic enough. I had to give voice to the thoughts that weighed on me with such gravity. When I did this there was much fallout with my life as I had it set up until then. My Spirits did not care. It was time to make the move to give voice to the truth I thought I had come to in the model of thought that was bursting out from within me. So here I begin…

 Xai’nyy Xailyyne Herography

1. I’m a Xai’nyy @(??) who was born and grew up in a far away land. Growing up a quiet and observant child, I was fascinated by human psychology and interpersonal dynamics.

One thing that always puzzled me was the amount of miscommunication and ensuing cyclical disharmony in many interpersonal interactions, despite all the the self-help books and therapists out there. I sensed that there was a way for universal harmony between all humans on this planet, but where was it?

2. After years of dreaming of finding the universal answer for a harmonious tribe, my intuition led me to the US as the nexus-point of my quest. My travel toolkit essentials included pen, pad and voice, for my loves of poetry, drawing, and singing. Like a trail of crumbs through the forest leading me safely back home, these have always been lifelines to my ”home” powers of Xai (@) and Nyy (??).

3. The artist’s life seemed too nebulous for a single girl in a foreign country, so like many others I got “serious”, while inside still hoping for an answer to my search. I pursued a career path in business that uses my far side powers of Vai (\\) and Zyy (#). Not unlike “black suit” Spiderman, the overmodulation caused me to forget myself and “Hard” Cristina took over for awhile.

4. One sunny day, I met Coach and through him rediscovered my innate Mojo Configuration of Xai’nyy @(??). A journey of self awareness and development has ensued ever since, with my energy levels soaring higher every passing day.

5. Not only have I found myself, but also the answer to the elusive human tribe: Pod’Lair. I’m an Intern in the Pod’Lair team, and am extremely excited about sharing this life-changing knowledge with all Humans around the Globe!

Look forward to your questions!

 Zai’nyy Adymus Herography

1. A kid with a mind full of invention, a hunger for experimentation, and a desire for knowledge was born in Huntington Beach, California.

2. Questions like “Why am I doing this? Why are we doing this?” plagued his mind; the game that everyone was so excited to play just seemed like an impractical perpetuation of pointless traditions. This quandary lead Jonathan to embarking on a quest for his true world, and a game that is worth playing. Through his discoveries, he obtained a palate for exotic vibes from social circles that are in some way “different” from the norm. A connoisseur of culture if you will.

3. He discovered a form of electronic music known as “Trance”; this music excited him to use his abilities to analyze the Sonic qualities of this music, and understand exactly how these magnificent sounds were being made. After a period of gathering music, analyzing sounds, and imagining his own, he began learning how to DJ and Produce electronic music. Then, after a period of learning and practicing, he went pro. Jonathan launched his persona as Adymus as he began to fly into the radar of the record labels, and pretty soon they were coming to him for his talents in remixing. This brought great stimulation, confidence, and purpose to Jonathan, yet something was still missing…

4. Jonathan had begun a search in his spare time when not producing. Fields such as psychology, human behavior, world mythology, and neuroscience began to pique his intrigue. This search became an obsession as the need to understand the human mind began to outweigh his desire to make music. His thoughts were constantly absorbed in theories and analysis of the human mind, all behavior of himself and others in his life caused him go back in and theorize on this behavior. Not unlike his music, these theories of his needed an outlet, a place to be expressed so others can benefit from his understandings. But more importantly, he needed a more expanded outlook than what he was getting. Books were all starting to repeat themselves, mimicking even the flaws of other theories that had no place in standardization. He began to reach out, searching yet again.

5. That is when Jonathan met Nai’xyy //(:+:) Coach and Xai’nyy @(??) Xailyyne through one of their weekly meet ups. It was precisely what he was looking for: stimulating theories, clear understanding and rock solid logical consistency, a fresh new look on the human experience, good vibes, and cool people. He knew immediately that this is something that he had to be a part of. Currently he is on the Pod’Lair Team.

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