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Pod'Lair Proclamation - A pithy and punchy introduction to the principles of Pod'Lair theory.
Rosetta Stone of the Human Soul - 20K public figures with their Mojo (innate nature) properly categorized.
Nai'xyy Temple Sourcebook - The sacred artifact for understanding and exploring everything Nai'xyy
Nyy'xai Temple Sourcebook - The sacred artifact for understanding and exploring everything Nyy'xai

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What is the purpose of this site?

This site is dedicated to teaching the world about the theory and philosophy of Pod'Lair, the Rosetta Stone of the Human Soul. Our work involves researching and collecting data on the phenomenon of innate cognitive configurations in humans, then presenting this game changing evidence, and its implications, to the public.
-> Latest Public Access Database (23K) for the Rosetta Stone of the Human Soul 

Why is this a Big deal?

Pod'Lair methodology reads a person's innate nature, what we call their Mojo, with an accuracy never before possible, which allows humans to know themselves in truly unprecedented ways, ending the debate on whether or not people have qualia and what it involves.

Knowing your Mojo gives you access to your Peak Pathway, which includes the four Powers of your Psyche that make up your conscious genius, what you think of as you, and the four powers in your unconscious, which make up your unconscious genius, in short it's the best way to maximize your potential.

Once you understand the basics of Pod'Lair theory, and you've begun to see the Mojo phenomenon for yourself, it improves your understanding of and interaction with every facet of your life, including: education, career, relationships, community, politics, spirituality...basically all of existence.

How does it work?

All humans have a Mojo they were born with, comprised of a specific configuration of the eight powers of the psyche, which can develop in nearly infinite ways, but without changing the fundamental math of their innate design.

There are mathematical relationships that the powers of the psyche have with each other, which create a specific amount of distinct designs that are possible: there are sixteen basic Mojo designs, 32 Gender Mojos, and much more.

The innate energetic design of a given Mojo gives off corresponding physiological cues that can be read by those who are trained to do so.

With proper training in Pod'Lair Mojo reading methodology, these innate physiological cues that are given off by all humans, at all times, cannot be hidden or faked, and the subject doesn't have to be forthcoming, truthful, or self-aware.

If you look diligently at the data we're presenting, you'll see the Mojo phenomenon is there, it's just a matter of how many samples of humans you need to look at before you can see the patterns we're pointing out, as they are very large and nuanced...but the many benefits are well worth the effort.

What are you doing now?

The project of bringing Pod'Lair to the public, is massive in scale and scope, so it will have a multi phase rollout over the next few years. Right now we are putting all of our energy into creating the necessary materials to give a proper presentation of the Mojo phenomenon, which will include the Rosetta Stone of the Human Soul, Training Collages, Mojo Temple Sourcebooks (Nai'xyy and Nyy'xai are currently available), Pop Culture Mojo Timelines, a network of Youtube Channels, Seminar Presentations, and of course a Website to be a central hub for it all.

The Rosettta Stone of the Human Soul is a compilation of our reads, of the most famous people in the world from modern history that have sufficient media to allow a read confirmation. Our goal, which has never been done before, is to have 10,000 of these confirmed celeb reads prepared for the public to reference by the end of this year, and we currently have more than 5,000. This will create a pop culture case study for the entire world to work on.

Collage Training is an excellent practice for increasing Facial Recognition abilities, as a light starter weight for new practitioners to begin with, which helps to build up to the more difficult video or in person real-time readings, as well as being an incredibly powerful cross-contextualizing tool for advanced practitioners. With very little training, you will begin to experience an ever-increasing artistic appreciation of yourself and your fellow humans.

In addition, as your Virtual Village and Collages gets larger, with greater organization and fluency, this high-volume of proper people cataloging turns on and strengthens your psyche's auto-reading abilities, which allows your greater unconscious powers to do most of the heavy lifting when you're reading a person's Mojo.

Mojo Temple Sourcebooks give you the key information to understanding a given Mojo Design. Currently we have the Nai'xyy and Nyy'xai Temple Sourcebooks available. On our website there are forum discussion threads for all sections of the sourcebooks, to answer any questions that students may have.

The Pop Culture Mojo Timelines are designed to take advantage of the substantial amount of headspace that people have already devoted to Mojo Reading training without realizing it. For most people, when this headspace is properly tagged and organized, it represents an elite-level education that far exceeds what is associated with traditional doctoral degrees. The first set-piece being worked on, to help unlock this huge potential, is the Movie Mojo Timeline, a canvassing of 1,000's of movies from the 1920's all the way up to what is playing now in theatres, which makes for an awesome combination of entertainment and education.

Our network of channels on Youtube presents this material in a video format, which allows for some unique learning opportunities. Extensive use of color coding, for the powers and Mojo designs, adds another layer of meaning, as does having all of the on-screen presenters being accurately read when it comes to their innate natures.


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